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    Building Your Own Local Real Estate Portal? Stop and Read This First

    by Sep Niakan on November 15, 2016

    I am guilty of making every possible mistake someone could make while building a local real estate search portal. If you have a real estate web site or are thinking about building one, I hope this list of lessons learned can save you a few headaches along the way. How I Decided to Launch My Website and 8 Years of Agony It all began in 2007, when I purchased a few ad spots for a few hundred dollars a month from a local Miami condo … Read More »

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Email Follow up from Live Chat

Posted on by Drew Meyers


I’ve talked about live chat/messengers as a conversion tool before. Today, I came across an approach I like from Zestful as a result of Eric Marcoullier’s tweet: Notice: You don’t have to wait here to get Mat’s reply Telling the website visitor exactly what they want to hear, and prompting for an email address in the process. Smart. Is anyone taking this approach in the real estate arena? PS: I also love their approach to tackling the travel/destination activities market by tapping into existing trust groups (ie helping find … Read More »

The Broader Opportunity Related to Co-Buying

Posted on by Drew Meyers


Some of you may have seen our feature on CoBuy. I had the chance to meet Matt and Pam the other day at Impact Hub, discuss their progress and business, as well as think further about the broader implications and trends of co-buying properties. I don’t think there is any question co-buying is going to increase. The economic reality of skyrocketing home prices (both sales and rentals) make that a certainty in expensive coastal markets such as Seattle (assuming, of course, home ownership remains part of the american … Read More »

Meet the Founders: Sarang Ratanjee and Matt Schneider from Boulevard

Posted on by Drew Meyers


In our latest real estate tech interview, I’m talking to Sarang Ratanjee and Matt Schneider from Boulevard, a company based in the Bay area. What do you do? Sarang: I’m a co-founder of Boulevard, where my primary focus is leading our business and marketing efforts along with our Android mobile application development. We’re a mobile-first company, focused on enabling every realtor to have a simple & intelligent assistant by their side via our mobile app. Matt: I’m the other co-founder at Boulevard. Boulevard is a simple … Read More »

Meet the Founder: Matt Holmes from CoBuy

Posted on by Drew Meyers

Matt Holmes

In our latest real estate tech interview, I’m talking to Matt Holmes from CoBuy, a company based in Seattle that helps groups of people jointly purchase homes (I first came across them via GeekWire). What do you do? I am a co-founder at CoBuy, a company we founded to help small groups of people jointly purchase homes.  The premise isn’t new – people have been pooling resources to deal with constraints for thousands of years – but our approach is new.  We have distilled the rather complex … Read More »

OpenDoor Raises $210 Million

Posted on by Drew Meyers


$210 million for OpenDoor. Wow. From Forbes: Opendoor is betting that there are hundreds of thousands of Americans who value the certainty of a sale over getting the highest price. I’ve long thought that to be true (see my comment), and it’s one reason I believe something really big is going to happen with pocket / pre-market listings. What do you think they’re going to do with their newfound war chest of capital?

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