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    Real estate Danger Report

    Is There D.A.N.G.E.R. In The Future Of Real Estate?

    by Michael Price on June 5, 2015

    It’s been well over 20 years now since then NAR president Bill Chee warned everyone of the “Lion Coming Over The Hill”. “Non-Industry competitors” and Microsoft were viewed as a clear and present danger. NAR leadership created RIN (the Realtor Information Network)  Shortly after it was decided that NAR would attack the lion with a Wolff, Stuart Wolff of Homestore, Inc. The Realtor.Com deal was consummated and the race for digital domination was on. Isn’t hindsight wonderful? Even Mister Magoo can see it with clarity. Recently NAR commissioned a … Read More »

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ListingDoor – Another Shot at Getting Rid of Agents

Posted on by Drew Meyers

And…..another entrant is trying to get rid of agents. ListingDoor.com Their model is essentially a fancier, well designed FSBO offering. Sellers pay a one time marketing fee (pricing can be found here). I’m curious how this one plays out.  

Are you Building “for Consumers”?

Posted on by Drew Meyers

Are you actually, TRULY, building your product for consumers, or is that just a facade you put up for the general public? I’d argue virtually zero companies/products built in this industry are truly being built for consumers. To do it? You need a fairly large stash of money in order to push monetization off into the distant future while still investing heavily into product and distribution – as well as an incredibly mission driven founder (remember: missionaries, not mercenaries) not in it for the payday.

Cost Per Click, by Geography?

Posted on by Drew Meyers

For those doing search engine marketing, I’m curious — what are you paying for targeted traffic to your website? Please leave a rough ballpark dollar amount in the comments, along with the geographic area you do business in. If you’re willing to share the source of where you purchase that traffic from, that would be an added bonus. Appreciate any help you can offer satisfying my curiosity.

Another Real Estate Accelerator Launching: MOTIVE

Posted on by Drew Meyers

Beyond MetaProp NYC, there is another new accelerator launching in this fall in the real estate vertical — MOTIVE. It’s in Dallas and managed by Sean Caho and John Backes. They will select 10 companies, who will each receive $40,000 in funding. Early stage entrepreneurs: Apply here.

Skyrise – Community for Commercial Spaces

Posted on by Drew Meyers

I came across Skyrise today via a comment on AVC. You all know I’m a community guy (see Horizon). It appears Skyrise will enable (they are not live yet) community for commercial spaces. I definitely agree there is a compelling opportunity to help those who work in the same building meet, network, and do more business together. I’ve spoken to several entrepreneurs over the past couple years who were thinking about making an attempt at solving this. Co-Working spaces like Impact HUB Seattle already put a big emphasis on … Read More »

Search, Discovery, and Marketing…and Listings

Posted on by Drew Meyers


Earlier today, Benedict Evans wrote on the topic of Search, Discovery, and Marketing. Particularly if you are a broker or franchises who thinks constantly about syndication & marketing your firm’s listings, you should read it. I wanted to pull this quote out: where do you want to be hard to find? Do you want to be one of a million listings in Google or the app stores, or do you want to be one of ten or 100 listings in a carefully curated selection – but where that … Read More »

Technology Tips for Agents

Tech is a tool. Like a hammer. You can use it to build a birdhouse. Or you can use it to build a castle. The choice belongs to the user.
- Greg Fischer - Fort Worth Real Estate

Give your buyers and sellers the best damn user experience as possible.
- Dominic Morrocco - Washington DC Real Estate

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