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    Hacker News…for Real Estate?

    by Drew Meyers on August 17, 2014

    One of the guest contributors or I write about some of the topics and news specific to real estate industry. For those topics, of course you can discuss them in the comments. But we don’t write about everything, and we never will. That said, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to discuss things just amongst this specific community of tech savvy professionals? Any community member could submit a link they find interesting, along with a short comment — and have a discussion thread ensue. I know all the coders … Read More »

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Trusted Real Estate Referrals by Location

Posted on by Drew Meyers


Referrals are pretty much the best lead you can get, since someone is introducing you to a potential client with their stamp of approval/trust. Whether or not you make money from referrals (I know some refuse to monetize that process), virtually every agent desires to find a trusted, qualified agent by location to hand a relocation client off to every now and then. There are dozens, and likely hundreds, of networks, groups, and masterminds in existence to help agents do exactly that, all over the country…and world. Some of those are standalone … Read More »

Meet the Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur: Imraan Ali

Posted on by Drew Meyers

Imraan Ali

In our latest real estate tech interview, I’m talking to Imraan Ali, co-founder of NuOffer. Without further adieu, here’s a bit more from his own mouth… What do you do? I’ve been a practicing Realtor in Los Angeles for 10 years and am a co-founder and the CEO of NuOffer: a mobile offer writing application. Why do You Do What you Do? I receive great satisfaction from serving others. In the role of Realtors our team helps buyers and sellers. As a real estate software maker … Read More »

Meet the Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur: Michael Wurzer

Posted on by Drew Meyers


In our latest real estate tech interview, I’m talking to Michael Wurzer, President of FBS. Without further adieu, here’s a bit more from his own mouth… What do you do? I’m President and CEO of FBS, which creates the Flexmls line of real estate software. I’m privileged to work with 70 other employee-owners (FBS is 100% employee owned) all dedicated to the future of MLS and real estate software. FBS has been serving MLSs for over 30 years and the last few years have been the most exciting as our … Read More »

Redfin + Matterport. 3D is Here.

Posted on by Drew Meyers


Apparently Redfin folks agree with me; Matterport is the real deal. They just released their 3D tours today… Which major brokerage is next in line?


Posted on by Drew Meyers

Everdwell launched, and got featured on TechCrunch. A few thoughts: 1. The problem isn’t that amazing tools don’t exist. The problem is most agents and brokers aren’t willing to spend what it costs for a great product. The high end of the San Francisco is not a good test case to see if this is a viable offering that can scale across the whole country. 2. The most amazing website on the planet, is completely useless if no one sees it. How is Everdwell going to help their … Read More »

Price Per Square Foot in Real Estate: When Data Makes Us Less Informed

Posted on by Sam DeBord

Price Per Square Foot

As professionals, we’re often as fascinated by real estate statistics as consumers are. Price per square foot is one of the metrics that is frequently quoted in attempting to value homes for sale, and it has become a ubiquitous stat on real estate websites. While it’s an interesting piece of data in an online listing, frankly, it’s a waste of time. Price per square foot is a number that boils down dozens of unique factors in a house or condo and attempts to bundle them into … Read More »

Technology Tips for Agents

Tech is a tool. Like a hammer. You can use it to build a birdhouse. Or you can use it to build a castle. The choice belongs to the user.
- Greg Fischer - Fort Worth Real Estate

Give your buyers and sellers the best damn user experience as possible.
- Dominic Morrocco - Washington DC Real Estate

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