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    The Opportunity to Showcase True Local Experts

    by Drew Meyers on September 13, 2015

    I truly believe there is a very real opportunity for someone to showcase true local experts. Sure, there is a data aspect of local expertise – but there’s also a neighborhood/community knowledge aspect which has nothing to do with real estate market data. Buyers want to truly know the ins and outs of the area they are moving to. What is the best place to get tacos within walking distance? Those relocating to new cities are seeking all sorts of knowledge above and beyond someone moving within … Read More »

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1000Watt + Lion & Orb

Posted on by Drew Meyers

Lion & Orb _ 1000watt Partnership Logo 1

Another bit of news today worth noting, my friends over at 1000Watt have joined forced with another friend Audie from Lion & Orb. The deal means 1000Watt will work closer to help their clients gain access to a trusted PR agency in the industry. Congrats to the great people involved who now get to work closer with other great people.

Move and Reesio Join Forces

Posted on by Drew Meyers

An acquisition hot off the presses this morning: Move acquires Reesio. + Of course, anyone that follows this industry knows this acquisition shouldn’s surprise anyone given Zillow’s recent move.

The MLS Mobile Software Landscape in 2015

Posted on by Drew Meyers

It’s been awhile since we’ve touched on MLS mobile software (I think 2012?) on Geek Estate. It’s no secret most MLS software has been stuck in the stone age (aka 1990’s). Of course, in the 1990’s, mobile didn’t exist — and I haven’t seen much evidence vendors have caught up with the times. So, has any technology vendor truly nailed a mobile offering? You tell me. A few questions for you tech savvy professionals who are on the ground day in, day out: What geographic market are you in, and who … Read More »

Start-Up Chile Applications: One More Week for Generation 15

Posted on by Drew Meyers

As many of you know, I went through Start-Up Chile’s incubator program last year (generation 10) with Horizon. My thoughts on the program are here. In short: it’s absolutely worth applying if you’re an early stage startup. And yes, real estate startups have gone through the program. There are 7 days left to apply to the 15th generation of Start-Up Chile. Applications close September 29th. Apply now.

Expedia-Orbitz Gets Final Approval

Posted on by Drew Meyers

I’ve wondered whether real estate will follow travel on this exact path. Tnooz is reporting that the Expedia-Orbitz acquisition finally received regulatory approval. How long until Broker Public Portal eventually gets purchased by Zillow (or whoever #1 in the market is a few years from now)?

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