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    The (Almost) Eulogy of Oh Hey World

    by Drew Meyers on July 10, 2016

    [Editor’s note: I originally posted this on the Oh Hey World blog] Over the past few years, I’ve worked on two travel apps – Oh Hey World (OHW) and, more recently, Horizon. This post pertains to the earlier product, OHW. I shared a lot of learnings in my 12 months of learnings on Pando in late 2013. That post was written while still trying to figure out a viable strategy around “community” pages — and before ever deciding take another shot at making community accessible everywhere, for everyone with … Read More »

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Special Offering for Brokers / Teams

Posted on by Drew Meyers


We’re looking for a few strategic brokers / teams for StreetAdvisor’s revamped white label offering to promote as showcase clients — at a much lower price point than previously offered at. The “why”? Engagement, and conversion. Buyers looking at your site are already researching neighborhoods and cities elsewhere. Enable them to do that on your own site, so as to not give them a reason to leave. Or, even better, heavily invest in community building and end up with a completely differentiated set of hyper local tips and advice sourced from your … Read More »

Homely Launches iOS App to Find Property for Sale & Rent in Australia

Posted on by Drew Meyers


Homely, an Australian real estate portal, just released their new iOS app. Its clean, simple, and includes big, gorgeous photos. All good things for a real estate search app. I’d encourage everyone — particularly those working on property search websites or apps of your own – to give it a spin. ** Would be curious to hear from those running portals outside the US who have released iOS/Android versions — how has traction been between native and web versions? [Disclosure: I consult for StreetAdvisor / Homely.com.au]

New Restaurant Openings Nearby

Posted on by Drew Meyers


I got a “Must try local restaurants that just opened near you” email from Yelp yesterday… Please tell me, why exactly are brokerages/agents/teams not the ones delivering this?

Moving Email Subscriptions to Mailchimp

Posted on by Drew Meyers


Over the past few weeks, traffic has been slowly declining and I’ve noticed a slight decrease in comments. I believe I finally realized the issue — emails for new posts stopped going out. One of my (many) email addresses is subscribed, and upon publishing several posts the other day and not seeing an email from Feedburner the next morning like usual — I dug into the issue and realized the last email I received was from the post on June 24th. Since then, I don’t believe anyone has been getting any … Read More »

Hoodline’s Neighborhood Kits for Your Website

Posted on by Drew Meyers


I hadn’t seen Hoodline before; here’s their about page description: We want to be the go-to source for news about the places where you live, work and play. Restaurant openings, housing developments, retail news and more — whatever’s happening in your neighborhood, we’ll get the scoop and keep you in the loop. The same goes for crime, transportation issues, and the lowdown on the woman walking her duck around the Haight. We’re curious about all of it. And we’re pretty sure you are, too. They … Read More »

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