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    How to Build Local Expertise With the Help of Your Clients

    by Drew Meyers on May 17, 2016

    Lets make the assumption you want your brokerage/franchise to be viewed as the local expert for the areas you serve. (let’s be honest: what agent DOESN’T want to be the local expert?) Lets make the assumption you buy into the long term lead generation concept/strategy I outlined last week. Let’s also assume you have the technology (either via StreetAdvisor, or the money and know-how to build it yourself) to execute the strategy. Assuming all of that is true — how, exactly, would you go about … Read More »

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Disruption ≠ Strategy

Posted on by Drew Meyers

The real estate industry sees its fair share of startups looking to “disrupt” the real estate industry. That sounds great, but it’s not a strategy. Here’s a good read on the subject.

How Realtors Can Improve Their Search Engine Rankings

Posted on by Sean Killian


Real estate is changing in many ways and the manner in which potential homebuyers and sellers are researching and addressing their real estate needs is being shaped by the web. Real estate agents need to be ever aware of these trends and how to setup their organizations best to succeed. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most important factors that have the ability to dramatically improve your web and search engine visibility. Ensure your website is user … Read More »

Agent Search & (Lack of?) Consumer Adoption

Posted on by Drew Meyers


I touched on agent search last week, but wanted to write a short follow up post digging into the topic further. Zillow has an agent search (Trulia, too), as does Realtor.com. Homethinking is still around, as is AgentHarvest. Another is Agent Findr. Homelight recently raised a new round of capital ($11M). I agree with Greg, that money likely was not invested based on on pure speculation. Does anyone have any data (that you can share) about whether consumers use these agent search tools? What percentage of buyers actually search … Read More »

Real Estate Tech Interview with Max Nussenbaum from Castle

Posted on by Drew Meyers

Max Nussenbaum

In our latest real estate tech interview, I’m talking to Max Nussenbaum from Castle, a flat-fee property management startup out of Detroit. What do you do? Castle manages rental property for landlords using automation and on-demand labor, providing a property management experience that’s more affordable, more efficient, and vastly more pleasant for owners and tenants. I’m one of three cofounders, and the CEO. About 30% of my time is spent on “CEO stuff”—recruiting, building the culture, fundraising, and legal nonsense. The rest of my time, I’m laser-focused on … Read More »

KnoCard Realty, A New Mobile Business Card for Agents

Posted on by Drew Meyers


I recently came across KnoCard Realty. It bills itself as a tool to expose, promote, and sell properties. How? By serving as a mobile business card. Consumers get it, then can easily refer other people they speak to to you, direct from their phone. More context: My core questions: What does the consumer get out of using KnoCard’s product? What’s the core problem it solves — for the consumer? (not for you, the agent) Will consumers remember to use it, 6 or 9 or 12 months after … Read More »

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