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    Partial Home Ownership, Equity, Down Payments — Thoughts on Point

    by Drew Meyers on September 14, 2016

    Real breakthrough innovations don’t come along very often, in any industry. Real estate is no exception. What gets me excited is when products / businesses enabling consumers to do something they can’t do today (rather than just recreate the same wheel that’s been created 10 or 20 times before). Point is certainly one such product / business that fits the bill for me. What exactly is it? Point is an alternative to traditional home equity loans and HELOCs. Point buys into a fraction of your property. There are … Read More »

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The World of Plumbing SEO

Posted on by Julius Tang


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important aspect of online marketing. It’s especially true in the competitive world of maintenance professionals where bid prices for keywords on Google are extremely expensive. This has an impact on small businesses, real estate investors, and homeowners. When I think of searching for maintenance professionals, I am reminded of the first time I had a real emergency for an investment property. I was a novice investor at the time and did not have my maintenance contacts in place yet … Read More »

Understanding The Game We’re Playing, in a Real Estate Context

Posted on by Drew Meyers


Let’s bring the “understanding the game we’re playing” discussion into the context of a real estate business. The core question is, as a real estate agent or broker or franchise, what game are you really playing? To provide a bit of background to that question, think about what Simon mentioned in terms of the difference between an education summit at Microsoft versus one at Apple. The Microsoft team talked about how to beat Apple. The Apple team talked about how to help teachers teach and help students learn. That’s a … Read More »

Meet the Real Estate Entrepreneur — Mark Bloomfield from Homeasap

Posted on by Drew Meyers

Mark Bloomfield

In our latest real estate tech interview, I’m talking to Mark Bloomfield from Homeasap, a provider of online marketing solutions for real estate professionals, in Jacksonville. What do you do? In addition to my duties as the founder and CEO of the Homeasap, I have the most fun at being the chief strategist and product visionary for our company.  Our goal is clear. We are committed to aligning ourselves squarely with real estate agents and brokers (our customers) and to empower them with cutting-edge, state-of … Read More »

What we learned from hand training A.I. on 25k+ property descriptions

Posted on by Nathan Joens


Hardcore artificial intelligence technology companies like x.ai and wit.ai are using hand trained datasets to enhance their artificial intelligence offerings. This is a tedious and sweaty process that we’ve been tackling for real estate at Structurely, and our A.I has learned a lot already. This was not an easy task, as we all know, reading real estate property descriptions can be pretty gruesome…imagine trying to train A.I. on a sentence like, “You’ll love the W/O bsmt w/ a LL family room w/frplc and a BR w/en-suite double vanity BA.” Powerful … Read More »

Understanding The Game We’re Playing

Posted on by Drew Meyers


This is another non real estate tech post. For that, I apologize. Simon Sinek gave a presentation at Creative Mornings worth watching, titled “Understanding the Game We’re Playing”… He talks a bit about the entire next generation that as grown up with social media and instant gratification.Many parents give their kids tablets during road trips because it’s easier than forcing them to interact, as just one example. A big part of the cause is what I call the time suck economy, and the broader “on demand economy”. … Read More »

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