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12 Ways to Make Customers Love Your Website

How to make your customers fall in love with your website

In the court of online real estate, your customers are judge and jury, but the testimony that you hear will take place out of earshot. The rules are unwritten but they are set in stone. Give your customers a really good reason to trust you, like you and feel like you can serve their needs and they will toss aside their inhibitions, along with their reluctance to part with their business. That’s because they want you, the right website and the right business, the right broker to make their decisions easy. Not guilty by irrational reasoning. (i.e. crazy in like) Your customers hear every message you send – intentional or not. Your attitude is nearly everything. Customers want you to show a certain degree of eagerness, but not desperation. They want you to believe in yourself and demonstrate why they should believe in you too. They want you to be fun but also someone they can lean on for help. They want to trust you.

The web version of chocolate and roses in the world of online real estate is:

  1. Build your site to answer your customer’s questions.
  2. Know your niche and be the customer’s expert on it.
  3. Get to know your customers and what their pain points are.
  4. Make searching on your site an intuitive engaging experience.
  5. Translate what you offer into solving customer pain.
  6. Build your site from the users perspective.
  7. Make it easy to gather and share what they came for.
  8. Use photo and video visuals liberally.
  9. Create interesting non-pitchy content and give it away.
  10. Always deliver on what you’ve promised.
  11. Provide absolutely impeccable service always.
  12. Optimize for SEO, rinse and repeat.

At the end of the day, what we’re working to cultivate is trust in an environment lacking human interaction. These are a just few of the ways that you can cultivate that trust, forge new relationships and enhance existing ones. Falling in love is just the first step; you have to deliver even after the bloom is off the rose.

About Seth Price

I'm the Director of Sales and Real Estate Marketing at I spend the majority of my time delving into what creates success for real estate professionals — driving leads, creating relationships, tracking progress and helping others grow their real estate businesses.

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  • “Make searching on your site an intuitive engaging experience.”

    Yup, you nailed it. That’s what 80% of people are looking for. But the number of agents/brokers that don’t give buyers that intuitive interface — is surprisingly high. And they wonder why their websites generate no business..

    • I completely agree. I read your post about Best and Worst Agent/broker Websites on the Web  and the list of amazing websites is really short. I think I have found 25 real estate sites worth mentioning. All of the others are either replicas or completely outdated from a design and functionality perspective. 

  • I love that you mentioned to build the site to answer the customers questions, because a lot of google searches are questions people have, and sites are missing that traffic.

    • I think that is one of the biggest disconnects with web design in real estate. Customers don’t care how great we are. They want to find information that they are searching for, then determine if they will extend their trust. Customer driven design. It’s what the Amazon’s of the world are focusing on. study, test, measure and iterate. 

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