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250k Agents in a Facebook Real Estate Directory. So What?

Does Anyone Use Facebook to Search for a Real Estate Agent?

I’m not convinced the answer is yes. No one has ever told me they found their agent on Facebook.

And, if the answer is no, who cares if N-Play has 250,000 agents in their Facebook directory?

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  • Jon Rossi

    My self jon rossi from Toronto infact i have clients who have contacted me on facebook and twitter

    • are they specifically searching for an agent, or “stumbled” across something you wrote?

      • Jon Rossi

        iguess they stumbled upon coz i keep giving post on new homes for sale.If you need nythng I will be happy to help you

        visit me at roosiduo dot com

  • sharmeen

    Yes ofcourse why not!? I mean although google is a better way to find estate agents, but facebook can be a more interactive way to approach those agents.

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