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A "Toast" to You! (and The Coach Too!)

So I’m trying out this new FREE Screen Capture software, called “ScreenToaster“, and I am thinking it has some real appeal to someone who does what I do (Coach Real Estate Agents about the Internet, remember!). Then, suddenly (as if I were actually thinking or something), it comes to me…

…Agents can use this “Cool Tool” too! Picture (haha) This…

…Your on your computer going step by step through the log-in process for your Email/New Listing alert function (Hello, LEAD CAPTURE DEVICE), and you record your process step by step, using the FREE “ScreenToaster” program. Follow me so far? …then you create a little video from it, and send it to your Database, that is not currently subscribe to email alerts….or, better yet, you show me that you have really been listening and you put the video on your YouTube station so people can learn about your website, or…you put the video on your website’s homepage to draw the attention of Mr. or Mrs. “Just Browsing” to perhaps (I know this is crazy, wanting people to register and all), contemplate giving your their….EEEK!…contact information!…

…or, maybe you can come up with some intuitive ways to use this FREE tool to help you gain an advantage over your peers!

“Get in the Game”

The Coach

About TheRECoach & I am Independent Consultant, specializing in the Real Estate Industry, with a focus on The Internet, and it's endless potential for Marketing a business. I have been Blogging since late 2007, an early Adopter on Facebook, and Twitter (July 2007). As you would expect, you can connect with me, "TheRECoach", on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn or even use the more "Archaic" forms of known as email & phone ... or 562.646.6710

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