Hi Guys, wanted to stop by and let you know I have returned from my “hiatus”, so to speak. I took some time to move from Northern California to Southern California (Long Beach), as well as start 2 BRAND NEW (eek!) Internet based businesses surrounding this crazy industry we work in! One is a consulting and training business, done completely on line through webinars. The other is an on line Real Estate Marketing business, called “Triple Play” Marketing that combines, “in my opinion” (carefully stated, but based on 2 years of working directly w/ 300+ Agents on their on line Marketing strategies), the 3 simplest yet (pound for pound) most effective on line tools.

This is what I would like to discuss with you, and get some feedback on, if you so desire. The “Triple Play” Marketing strategy is based on these 3 areas…

  1. “Tinkers”– On Line Listing sites, for the individual Agent Listing, ie: Zillow, Trulia, Google Base..etc! Not every dang one, mind you, just the top 10 or so. Now Brokers have done this for quite some time (Which, by the way, they now regret in a BIG way! because what they really did was give away all their “Google Juice” to some very talented and intelligent people, who used it to become the “Page One” Pimps of Real Estate keyword search terms), but I digress into a Blog for another day! Anyway, why not do it for yourself Agents? Bring that traffic back to your individual sites, not the Brokers site where you will eventually pay a 35% fee to get it back!????

2. “Evers”– A Video/Virtual Tour of your Listing, not only produced with “professional” voice over and “Sweet Home Alabama” playing in the background (Insert geographical song of choice here), but actually distributed for you to over 80 on line Video sites, such as YouTube Meta Cafe and others!!! When properly distributed a “Viral Video” can reach millions of people. Will it sell the house? Eh, probably not, but every place it is shown has a link back to HELLO! “YOUR WEBSITE” (seeing a theme here?)…

…and finally…

3. “Chance”– My personal favorite, because I love “Looking Ahead” it’s what I do best, a text messaging code, that can be place on a sign rider. This code, when placed into any “Smart Phone” or PDA device, will return to the user a “full color”, on line brochure of the Listing, based on the local MLS information. WAIT! think about this??? No more Flyer boxes left empty, no more sprinklers killing of the paper and destroying the plastic, no more driving everywhere because the Seller said “I’m out of Flyers”, but BEST OF ALL…you are directly Marketing to the very future of our business, the dreaded….”GENERATION Y”! EEEK!!! Maybe some “X’s” too!!! Besides that, you get a list of every phone number that uses that text code sent directly to your phone, minutes after they get it. Know what that is? It’s called a LEAD!

Anyway, I was supposed to just “trickle” back into things with this first post, but I got a bit “long winded”.


Now yes, (insert shameless self promotion here), my company “Triple Play” follows the newly discovered “Realtor Code”…”can you please just DO IT FOR ME!?”, “huh, can ya can ya huh huh?” and we do it for $199 (introductory price), which is close to what most of you pay for a Virtual Tour alone, and if the Virtual Tour was “Little Orphan Annie”, then the “Triple Play” is “The Terminator” (or if you are in California, “The Govenator”). Weather you do it yourself, get your teenager to do it, or hire someone…The Bottom Line is…DO IT!!!! What are you waiting for?

(If you don’t get the Tinkers to Evers to Chance references, I’m sooo sorry for you!) 🙂

As always guys, these posts are intended to stimulate thought and conversation, but with this post, it is my hope to stimulate Leads, Visitors, and Hope!

Best of Luck!

The Coach