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There Are Agents Everywhere

I saw the following Century 21 commercial yesterday (yes, I know it’s from the Super Bowl last year) while watching the Seahawks game…

What jumped out at me? Someone asks for a C21 agent in a parking lot, and the guy standing 20 feet away turns around and says “I’m a Century 21 agent”. Great, that just beats the message into consumers heads that “agents are everywhere” and “any agent can help you for any need you might have” — indicating performance/experience doesn’t matter (which I believe to be false).

In my mind, this is not helping the industry shed their image as just slightly above car salesmen on the totem pole. Maybe, instead, the industry should be trying to stand for excellence. Or maybe I’m off my rocker again for no reason.

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  • BPevehouse

    Here in Florida, agents are everywhere… I can’t speak to anywhere else because I believe real estate is local and I only work in my local market.
    I would like to further say that our association, (and I believe most operate the same way) benefits solely from increased membership numbers, not by advancing the benefits of choosing experience and/or knowledge. That would be counterintuitive by their revenue generation methods which is a whole other discussion.

    I did read your article regarding NAR standing for Excellence and did like your stance although I believe your 2nd option would be to the best benefit of all parties.

    • Yup. Nothing is going to change as long as the revenue model is what it is now (more agents = more $$ for brokers / MLS)

  • Gus

    I do agree that experience/performance does matter, but it has to be the right experience. My first broker was a disaster, allowing the realtors in the office to basically say anything to close a deal, which i believe is completely wrong. There are too many reckless license holders out there doing whatever they want, simply to put a couple of extra dollars in their pocket.

    Although i dont think the commercial is quite as bad as you make it out to be, i do agree with your point to a certain extent.

    • I don’t think the commercial is “bad” really…I just think the underlying message of how easy it is to find an agent to help you isn’t one the industry should be promoting.

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