I was talking to a friend about real estate recently, and the topic of selecting an agent came up. We have several mutual friends who are agents — and I told my friend that it is impossible to be a GREAT real estate agent for all of Seattle, and that the really good agents have specific geographic farms that they work.

My friend simply had no clue that the people we know might not be the best agent for their specific use case. They never even thought about it. They just thought that a real estate agent should be able to help them buy a house.

As you know, a huge part of being a great agent is knowing the local market inside and out. There is no way you can truly know the market for every neighborhood in Seattle, at every price band – and get your client the best deal possible. That requires knowledge of every nuance of local HOA fees, building styles, water issues, etc.

But consumers don’t know that. Until the general home buyer and seller market truly understand the difference between great agents and mediocre or poor agents (for the area they are moving too), they are going to keep on using the real estate agent they know or get referred to regardless of whether that is the best agent for the area they are moving to.

Diverse tried tackling thisAs did Redfin. But neither attempt was successful (digging into the reasons behind that are another post).

Do you see a solution to this? HomeLight reaching the mainstream?