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AirBnB and Apartment Rentals

In 2013, I said the following:

Zillow, Trulia, and Move should make sure they don’t get blindsided in the rentals space (by AirBnB) a few years from now.

I won’t say “I told you so”, but…there’s a bit of news on the “AirBnB and rentals” topic out of Florida. Read that here.

It seems to cement what I’ve been saying for years — AirBnB will be Zillow’s biggest competitor in rentals over the long haul.


AirBnB has what no one else as — home owner engagement.

Real estate just added another billion dollar company, without anyone realizing it.



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  • Andrew Weinberger

    Airbnb has been a sort of sleeping giant. Entering the long term rental space was pretty inevitable. Although it doesn’t seem like they truly want to enter the listing portal space and and compete with Zillow. If they were to do that it would probably be Zillow’s worst nightmare. Right now I think airbnb is more interested in going after peer to peer startups like flip, roomi, common, etc.

    • I disagree. Investors and financial returns will push them the other way, imho. There’s far more money in rentals than there is in the shared housing ones… that’s coming from first hand experience 🙂

      • Andrew Weinberger

        Why not just enter sales then? If airbnb enters the long term rental game they will effectively be changing their model (at least for that segment of the market) and if they’re willing to do that to chase the money there’s even more in sales than in rentals.

  • “another billion dollars company”

    Actually, I should have said “another multi billion dollars company”

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