I watched the PandoMonthly interview with Marc Andreessen the other night. One thing that caught my attention was when Marc said the following:

AirBnB is transformational for real estate.

Read that carefully.

Real estate. 

Not travel.


It begs the question. What opportunity is AirBnB going after? The entire travel experience, or the real estate scenario? The “real estate” where you lay your head at night is the constant in both. Whether you are in a city for 2 days, or moving somewhere for 6 months – everyone needs to sleep, every single night.

The relationship with a local is a huge reason I love AirBnB. Social context is a huge component to finding a rental, at least for me. All other things equal, I would MUCH rather have a landlord I share something in common with. People already use AirBnB to find places to sublet. It’s not a stretch that AirBnB could let people rent places for longer periods of time – 1 or 2 years – using their site.

There is certainly more money in the rentals space than there is in the local guides/advice/content space. And I’m sure AirBnB realizes that.

Zillow, Trulia, and Move should make sure they don’t get blindsided in the rentals space a few years from now.

[Graphic via http://www.theonehourstartup.com/]