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Case-Shiller Acquisition Thoughts — WTF?

I was just talking shop with Greg Fischer tonight, and we got to discussing recent real estate industry acquisitions. How did I miss the fact that CoreLogic bought Case-Shiller from Fiserv for….$6 MILLION?

That’s it? WTF?

Why on earth did Trulia not buy that brand? Case-Shiller would have given them an instant seat at the table in terms of mindshare for housing trends in the national media. They spent $355 Million on Market Leader, but not $6 Million on Case-Shiller?

And why on earth did Zillow not buy Case-Shiller and just shut down the brand that continues to get media mention upon media mention, and take away from mentions of Zillow’s Home Value Index?

Even should have ponied up the $6 Million.

Why NONE of the big three pulled the trigger — is beyond me.

Your thoughts are welcome.

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