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Anyone Using Zapier?

I’m testing a “Zap” that automatically submits information from Gravity forms into Pipedrive (which I’m currently evaluating as a potential CRM for as a deal in our pipeline.

There are all sorts of integrations supported, from Gmail to GitHub to Stripe.


Is anyone else using Zapier? If so, what integrations (aka Zaps) are you using?

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  • Stephen Gravitt

    I’ve used Zapier to connect gravity forms to LionDesk but my favorite is hooking Zapier in with Facebook using FB’s new “Lead Collection” ads. They build a landing page within facebook. Facebook doesn’t handle leads well at all so this is a must.

  • Sep Niakan

    Maybe it’s only psychological, but using Zapier makes me feel like my processes are hanging by a thread. I tried it once and wasn’t impressed with the specific integration and flexibility. When I tried it, I needed a two-way sync type of situation, and there were gaps in what the integration allowed me to do at that time. If I remember correctly, it got sticky when there was a delete on a record as opposed to just an update. Or maybe it got sticky when there was an update and not just an add. All that said, it seems like a good option if the integration allows you to do all that you seek to do. Keep in mind that, at least when I was looking at it a year or two ago, there was a cost associated with different amounts of Zaps, so if it will trigger tons of zaps, you would have to budget that in…It starts off free, but might get very expensive depending on how zap-happy you are…

  • I use Zapier to get leads from Showcase IDX into Contactually. Also from Google Forms to Contactually. It is definitely glitchy. But it saves me a few minutes of time on each inquiry so it’s worth the $15/mo for me.

    I also use it to create a SMS alert to myself whenever an IDX lead comes in.

    I have IFTTT recipes for other things (not lead related). Seems that they are similar technologies and IFTTT might be able to encroach of Zapier’s business if they took on more lead sources.

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