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Founder of Geek Estate Blog / Geek Estate Labs. Zillow Alum. Travel addict & co-founder of Horizon. Social entrepreneurship & microfinance advocate. Fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kiva.

I’m Not a Reporter

by Drew Meyers on 5:19 pm August 25, 2017

When I get pitches from PR pros and founders, it’s often under the pretense that I’m a journalist and my job is to write about their company. They clearly haven’t done their research. If they had, they’d understand I’m not a reporter and have no plans to ever become one. I’m just a geek who loves real estate, and have zero desire to add to the endless noise (which is worse in 2017 than it was in 2013 when I wrote the post). Keep in mind, Geek Estate … Read More »

RealScout Making All the Right Moves

by Drew Meyers on 5:55 pm August 24, 2017

I’m extremely impressed with what I’ve seen from RealScout. Some of you may have watched the interview with Bob Goldberg, conducted by RealScout’s CEO, Andrew Flachner (see his founder interview from 2014 here). If not, head over to Facebook and watch it here. The fact Andrew and new NAR CEO, Bob Goldberg, spent an hour talking is a very, very good sign for RealScout. The fact that the conversation was published is an even better sign for the company. I still believe IDX and real estate … Read More »

Class Action Suit Against Zestimates Dismissed

by Drew Meyers on 3:32 pm

When I first heard the news that someone in Illinios was suing Zillow over a bad Zestimate, my gut was it was a complete frivolous lawsuit that would result in nothing other than wasting both time and money by both parties. Turns out I was right. The judge dismissed the case. I’m no fan of lawsuits, and glad to see the judge make the right decision on this one. (and yes, I realize this post isn’t technically “real estate tech”)

Meet the RE Founder: Stefan Peterson from Zavvie

by Drew Meyers on 10:00 am August 23, 2017

In our newest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we are speaking with Stefan Peterson, founder of Zavvie. Without further ado… What do you do? Over the past 5 years, we’ve developed an online hyperlocal marketing solution focused on generating listings in specific neighborhoods. This grew out of 8z Real Estate, a tech-forward Colorado independent brokerage. 8z agents were getting great results with this program, so we created a separate company to offer the same service to agents everywhere. Zavvie clients hire us to grow their business in the neighborhood … Read More »

More on Nextdoor & Real Estate

by Drew Meyers on 8:18 am August 22, 2017

Nextdoor recently launched an ad product targeted at agents. A couple weeks ago, they took the next step and added real estate sections to neighborhoods in select cities (greater Atlanta area, Austin, San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, and San Diego). Much of the current product seems to be about helping agents showcase their listings. It’s no secret real estate listings are a valuable piece to engaging content to home owners — but I certainly don’t think Nextdoor wants to be, … Read More »

Meet the RE Founder: Sarnen Steinbarth from TurboTenant

by Drew Meyers on 9:30 am August 21, 2017

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Sarnen Steinbarth, founder of TurboTenant. Without further ado… What do you do? I am the founder of TurboTenant, a landlord myself, and a property education instructor. I founded TurboTenant out of a passion for mitigating the biggest issues faced by independent landlords. During my time as a property education instructor, I picked up on the pain points of my students. Landlords weren’t sure how to screen tenants, couldn’t afford the high price tags of property … Read More »

August Sponsor Showcase, Round 2

by Drew Meyers on 2:08 pm August 17, 2017

Thank you to our August sponsors… TurboTenant helps independent landlords improve the investment performance of their properties by offering them access to online tools, previously only available to large property management companies. More than 40,000 landlords across the U.S. turn to TurboTenant for free, online solutions for landlording. Features offered by TurboTenant include online rental applications, tenant credit and background reports, property listings and automated marketing, and online rent payments. All of TurboTenant’s features focus on helping landlords manage smarter, faster, and more effectively. Learn More … Read More »

Meet the RE Founder: Aleksandr Lanin from Hasten

by Drew Meyers on 12:35 pm

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Aleksandr Lanin, founder of Hasten. Without further ado… What do you do? Hasten is a leading virtual staging company in NYC and I am the CEO of Hasten. Our team of highly qualified professionals has built trust and credibility with more than 1,000 real estate agents and photographers since 2014, by contributing to realization of over 3,000 units only in NYC. Hasten virtual staging solutions are always super realistic due to high quality standards, which have … Read More »

Homelight Gets Another $40 Million in Funding

by Drew Meyers on 3:08 pm August 15, 2017

$40 million in fresh funding is an indicator the HomeLight tv ads I wrote about earlier this year were an indicator something is working. I’d be curious to know what their cost of customer acquisition is for the big 500% growth number cited in the TechCrunch article. If anyone has any intel to share, I’d love to hear it (privately or publicly in the comments). If you’re an agent or broker who receives leads from HomeLight, would love to know if they are high quality with … Read More »

Distribution Options for Your Real Estate Startup in 2017?

by Drew Meyers on 9:30 am

It’s safe to say virtually every single real estate technology product is plagued by distribution challenges in 2017. Some of you may have seen the news that Cloud CMA and Tom Ferry teamed up…see details here: Having the most prolific speaker in the industry promote your product is obviously no small feat, even for Cloud CMA. Unfortunately — not every startup has an industry vet with 25 years of experience & relationships (aka Greg Robertson) at their helm. In fact, virtually none of them do. For the normal … Read More »

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