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Bryan moonlights as a Realtor with Independent Brokers Realty specializing in Marco Island real estate. Bryan is a nonprofit attorney at

Show Passion in Your Next Video

by Bryan Bartels on 11:18 am November 1, 2012

Real Estate Video Marketing

If you are like me, you believe that creating video content for your real estate website is important. Videos help build your brand and distinguish your content from the 100’s of other local real estate competitors and videos can help to distinguish your listed properties from the 1000’s of other active listings on the market.  And if you get lucky one of your video masterpieces might even start a viral buzz that will could create crazy SEO benefits for your site and ultimately bring you new … Read More »

Camera+: Upgrade your iPhone Camera

by Bryan Bartels on 11:05 am July 25, 2012


If you want to increase the functionality of your iPhone 4/4S camera there are a lot of iPhone apps available on the Apple App Store. One of the available apps is Camera+, created by tap tap tap, which tap tap tap claims has been downloaded over 8 million times in two years and has rebuffed acquisition offers from Adobe, Google, Zynga, and Twitter. With all the hype I thought it might be worth trying out. This is what I found. Interface: Camera+ uses a non-threatening user interface … Read More »

Using Google Chart to Make Real Estate Charts

by Bryan Bartels on 6:05 am July 16, 2012

Google Chart real estate trend

Numbers don’t lie. Google Charts is an invaluable tool to display real estate trends that will help buyers gain market specific knowledge and information. With Google Charts it is easier than ever to show home value charts and graphs for your featured listings, neighborhoods, or condominium complexes.  Most likely, if you have an active real estate license, you will have access to your local area’s MLS or local listing data.  Typically with these MLS services, you can generate a plethora of different real estate reports. Using … Read More »

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