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Bright MLS, and a new Era of MLS

Bright MLS launched their new website


Greg’s right, it’s audacious. I like it. There’s no sense batting for a single when a home run is possible.

There’s one section I question in their Our Story section:

We want to empower everyone to get more out of the MLS.

We want brokers to access better business and recruiting insights.

We want agents and appraisers to have first access to more data. And we want to give them better tools for doing so.

We want consumers to have access to information necessary to make informed decisions.

We believe working toward these goals gives us a real estate marketplace that is both more efficient and more successful.

That’s the power of all of us working together.

We’re ready to make it happen.

Everything about an MLS is to serve its members, and I’m not sure where the consumer fits in with their goal of serving its members. What am I missing? Perhaps I just don’t understand the strategy of how that sentence fits in with the rest of the vision.

That said, I’m stoked to see how this plays out — because I do believe there is a need for a new era of MLS.

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