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Zillow Invests in Virtual Staging App Hutch

by Drew Meyers on 4:56 pm July 13, 2017

Zillow made their first financial “investment”. $10 million in Hutch. It’s clear Zillow is a just a tad interested in the home improvement space. It seems they feel the need to make another bet other than Zillow Digs (which I’ve long been a fan of) against Houzz (and others). I played with the app a bit today, and like what I see. As a buyer/renter — the concept of visualizing rooms in the design style you like makes a ton of sense, and the actual technology seems to … Read More »

Zillow Digs is Monetizing

by Drew Meyers on 9:12 pm August 28, 2016

I’ve long been a fan of Zillow Digs. It’s been months since I’ve opened the app — but tonight I opened it up, and was surprised to see advertisements integrated into the photos. You can click any of the dots on the image, and be one click away from a place where you can learn more — and buy — that specific item. Smart. Anyone with any intel on whether this is working (or how many people use Digs monthly), I’d love to hear it.

Visiting a Childhood Home, and the Opportunity for Heatmaps of Neighborhood Renovations

by Drew Meyers on 11:15 pm May 26, 2015

I had a meeting in Crossroads today (a neighborhood of Bellevue, WA) that brought back all sorts of memories because it had been so long since I had set foot in the Crossroads Mall where I spent so much time as a kid. In 2nd and 3rd grade, I lived nearby in Lake Hills and biked to the mall to visit Norm Johnson’s Sportscards virtually every week. I lived off 159th Street right near Phantom Lake Pool, in this exact house. I drove by the house today … Read More »

Zillow Digs for iPhone

by Drew Meyers on 12:14 pm October 20, 2013

We’ve covered Zillow Digs here before. I’ll be the first to say I think Zillow Digs is a brilliant strategic move by my former co-workers to repurpose the millions of photos they have collected over the years for an entirely different use case. As of this past week, Digs is now available on the iPhone. I’ve spent a bit of time playing around with the app this weekend. A few things I’ve noticed: There are some awesome photos worth looking at. You can see a few … Read More »

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