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Changing the Name of a Facebook Page – Is it Possible?

We have a client with over 100 fans on their business page who wants to change the name of the page. Unfortunately, from the Facebook Help section, this is the answer we are stuck with:

How do I change my Page name?

If an error was made in your Page name when it was created, you have the option to edit the Page name to correct this issue. This option is only limited to Pages with less than 100 connections. After selecting to edit your Page, you can adjust this information from the “Basic Information” section.

Anyone have any ideas? Is there a workaround that’s not obvious?

This is a strong example as to yet another reason to own your own content as much as physically possible.

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  • No options. It’s better now at least than what it once was. It used to be that once you started a page the title was set in stone. Oh well. Wish I had a better answer for you.

    • Well that sucks. Thanks for the confirmation for us.

  • There are three options to deal with this situation:
    1) Live with the current page name
    2) Start over with a new page
    3) Remove fans from your page so that you fall under 100 so that you can adjust the name of your page (if you have sub 100 fans, you can change the name of your page…but once you hit 100, the name is locked and not changeable).

    This highlights a key reason why you want to make sure you are properly positioning your page when you start it…and part of what makes Facebook marketing so tricky!

  • I did this a little while back. I had like, 104 fans and was able to get my, mom, broker, and two friends to “unlike” me for a couple of days so I could change the name – a major pain in the @rse.

  • Thanks for pointing this out. More poeple should be aware of this limitation. Is this limitation only with Facebook fans or does it also apply to Facebook friends as well? If so, what about people with more than a 100 friends who get divorced or married – how do they change their names on facebook?

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