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Is Content Marketing Sustainable?

I’d urge you to read Mark Schaufer’s post: Content Shock: Why content marketing is not a sustainable strategy.

There is a LOT of content on the web, with more and more created every single day. How do you stand out? Are you writing amazing content that people truly care about, or just adding to the crap online? How much does it cost you? How many people does it reach? How many people will that same content reach a year or two from now? Those are all questions you should be asking yourselves.

While I don’t think content marketing is going away, I do agree that content marketing is not a sustainable strategy for many. The people and brands with money for an extended period of time will come out on top, and the rest will be forced to buy their way into the equation with ads (though technically everyone buys their way into the game with either content creation time/$$ or money). The only defensible strategy to success in real estate, or any other industry, is delivering great service day in, day out, and nurturing a community of raving fans.

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  • Thanks for continuing the dialogue Drew. Thanks for reading my blog.

  • deidrew

    On one hand I agree with this, there’s definitely a finite amount we can consume. On the other hand I have to say that content marketing isn’t a flat field, there’s good content that exists to serve/entertain the reader and content that exists mostly to promote the author/company. I’m an optimist, I believe good content wins out over time because those who create that content and also spend time developing their network continue to push value into the system. Value draws attention. A flooded market just means you have to raise your game.

    • and raising your game is good for everyone!

  • I have read Mark W. Schaefer Blog before reading your article Mr. Drew Myers. Happy to see that people eventually started talking about ‘content shock’ which was indicated by Sir Mark W.Schaefer.

  • Steven

    I’m a bit late to the party but anyway…
    I recently realized that I hadn’t seen any (that I could recall) agent blogs that showed any sort of readership interactivity. I found an endless of agent blogs that pushed out blog after blog all with zero comments, likes, shares, etc. Yet every other website will tell agents that blogging is a key aspect to their business. Same thing goes for real estate agent youtube channels.

    Even Raziel Ungar’s brilliant site and videos barely have any interaction (or views for that matter).

    Is this due to the “content shock” or has there ever been interaction on agent blogs/youtube channels in the past?

    If not, then “content shock” would seem to be irrelevant as blogs would only be around for SEO as (hopefully) social media would take care of the interaction and dispensing the branded-blog post when appropriate.

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