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Why Don’t Agent/Brokers Release Their Own Instant Offers?

Rob got me thinking

while Zillow is the #1 website in the real estate category, I’m willing to bet that most consumers don’t start searching there. I think they start searching on Google and go from there.

So… say it with me: Google Instant Offer.

You can already book hotel rooms and airline flights directly from Google. Why not solicit an offer on your house right from Google?

The pitch from Zillow as to why this is industry friendly is that it will help drive more sellers leads for Premier Agents.

Last I checked, agents / brokers are always seeking more ways to drive seller leads on their own. Why wouldn’t agents/brokers release “Instant Offers” themselves, in their own local markets?

The relationships with investors, and complete automation, are the hard parts. The core seller experience is a glorified lead form. Submit your address and some information about your house. Receive investor offers and a CMA in return. That’s an experience that can be easily designed and built in days, and the execution hacked (aka done manually in spreadsheets and email).

If you believe sellers will be interested and it will drive leads, I’m not sure why the industry wouldn’t develop their own versions of Instant Offers? What am I missing?

PS #1: If you actually think this is a good idea and want a custom lead form / flow designed and built, send me an email.

PS #2: I still believe brokerages/franchises should be investing in a private/exclusive coming soon network.

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