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eKey on iPhone, finally!

eKey on the iPhone, finally!
Last May on my own real estate blog I made a plea to Apple and GE to team up and finally release eKey for the iPhone platform.  Finally I believe that day is getting close.  This morning I found this link in my email from a Google Alert that I have set up:
eKEY for iPhone is coming soon!
Real estate professionals finally rejoice!  It looks like you’ll be able to have it all in one place.  The utter lack of information available on that page is a little disappointing however.  No ETA, no mention of the mechanics of the system(i.e. what kind of dongle will you have to carry around) and they didn’t even announce it on their twitter account.  At least you get a cheesy screen shot plastered in place.  Only one question remains; Will it work on my iPod Touch?  😉

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I am a real estate agent in Kirkland, WA. I am constantly looking for new ways to innovate and expand my business and online presence. I have been an agent since 2002 but a lot has changed since then. We have awesome new tools to use to market our listings and ourselves and other tools to assess our efforts. Client expectations have dramatically shifted as well. Staging, photography, flyers and of course online marketing have all become more complex and central to winning customers and marketing listings.

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  • Since I wrote this blog post this morning, they have added an email notifier sign up to the page so you can be alerted when this becomes available.

  • Did you sit in on the iPhone eKey test program at the NWMLS, Geordy? I wanted to go, but couldn't make it. I'm cautiously optimistic that this will be a great tool. Going to sign up for the alert right now.

  • By the way, I love/hate the word “dongle”. It's like a widget.

  • Wow! This is some new gadgetry you have here, this one's really neat though.

  • Here is some more excitement about the new version of eKey on activerain:

  • michael

    HOw about for Android?! I am on verizon and need to dump my Treo!

  • I am crossing my fingers…no more forgetting my supra key 🙂
    My phone is attached to me at all time, unfortunately I am not so great about remembering to bring my supra key.

  • Travis

    They need to make an app for DROID

  • tinatrealtor

    Hi Gary! I'm a realtor in the Daytona Beach, FL area and can't thank you enough for your post here. I've been calling them and calling them about this and they keep saying they can't tell me anything of their plans…I knew it had to happen sooner or later, and I'd been holding out on new phone contract just in case. I really don't like my Palm, and everyone I know just loves their iPhone's so I just can't wait! 🙂

  • This is scary, and awesome, all at the same time…

  • This is scary, and awesome, all at the same time…

  • Bruce King

    For YEARS, I was a die hard Palm Treo fan and of the Palm platform. But when the Palm Pre was introduced, I couldn't resist. I really like the Pre but it didn't have a IR port so I finally gave up my SmartPhone eKey. When the next generation of the Pre came out on a service provider other than Sprint, it really ticked me off so I finally gave in and went with the iPhone….WHICH I LOVE!!!
    I continually get anoyed with these companies that refuse to do business with each…..Apple and Supra being a perfect example.
    But I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that they've finally resolved their differences. Thanks for the update. Keep em coming.

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