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Encroaching on Incumbents, and Pink Realty

I was just reading The Hard Truth about Original Content this morning about content. One part I wanted to highlight, which I 100% agree with:

Better branding is ALMOST NEVER enough to unseat an incumbent.

Literally a couple minutes later, I visited the Inman home page, and saw the news about Pink Realty expanding nationwide with franchises.

Snazzy brand. Vibrant. Loud. Pink cars.

However, I looked around the website. There’s nothing about how Pink Realty is different, from a service, buying experience, or product perspective. I see the same core search experience I can find on thousands of other websites (though this website does look better than most I come across).

I go back to the recruiting challenge I mentioned last week, and leave you with this…

How are you different than the competition?

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