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Feedback on Zoopla's New TV Campaign

I’m assuming 99% of the readers of Geek Estate know the major US portals like Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo! Real Estate, and A smaller percentage have probably heard of the likes of Frontdoor and Hotpads. But I would bet very few are familiar with many, if any, international portal sites. While in London about a year ago, I met with Jamie Jaggard and Kyrenia Blanshard at Zoopla, so they are the European portal I’m most familiar with and I’ve tried to keep tabs on them from afar ever since. Why? Well, because they are following a similar model as Zillow (my former employer) with an emphasis on home values and I agree with Michael McClure that there is a lot to be learned from how business is done in other verticals and, I’d add, geographies.

Personally, I find it interesting to see how portals position themselves publicly, which is why I wanted to briefly highlight Zoopla’s commercial released as part of their new ad campaign in the UK and get your feedback.

What do you think of the “Smarter Property Search” tag line?

As an agent or broker, what is your primary tag line? Do you even have one? What is your single strand?

[via Property Portal Watch]

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  • Hi Drew.  The big three portals (rightmove, findaproperty and zoopla) have been battling it out with TV adverts for a little while now in the UK and as you have identified, Zoopla are spending on their adverts again.  The above is not a new advert however, which is a shame.   I believe they are just upping their spend on the adverts they have already created.   I wrote a brief comparison a while back

    Your positioning point is a very good one and is reflected in the tone of the adverts.  Zoopla is very much the more modern portal and newer member on the blog so their adverts try to have more humour than the others who take the traditional approach (or for me boring). 

    We like Zoopla and appreciate it is a tricky exercise creating a TV advert that has to send a message to a wide section of the population, but I still think the money would be better spent creating innovative, punchy online media targeted at a slightly younger audience.  As far as I aware, no one is doing that over here.

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