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Google Maps Focusing on Real Estate Vertical

What corporations spend money to promote/advertise is a fairly telling sign of where they are investing their money/manpower. I came across the following promoted Tweet the other day from Google Maps.


“Build in neighborhood trents, market values…” makes me think they have Zillow-like home value data. I can’t imagine that’s true though, unless they did a strategic deal with someone like Onboard Informatics.

Anyway, just a tidbit some of you may want to dig into

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  • I believe what they are saying is merge the data you have with Google Maps. They don’t actually have any data, but they have the ability to map your data to make it more interesting.

    I use Google Maps in a number of ways already, but will dig into this more just in case there is some other way I can use it.

    Here is how we use it now:

    1. Map of all our personal sales on our island.

    2. Every address is links to Google Maps to quickly see where it is.

    3. Search results shown on Google Maps including color codes icons to tell you the status of the property. Click on any icon to get a photo and summary and one more click to view all the details.

    4. Every listing includes 6 Google Maps views. One shows the neighborhood boundary. Two shows the surrounding neighborhood boundaries. Three shows the outline of the land/lot they are looking at. Four shows where the property is located. Five shows a satellite view. Six shows all the homes around it including a link to the tax details.

    5. Location search by entering an address on Google Maps and decided how far around that address to search, for example, one mile.

    6. Location search by selecting a part of the map that you want to see homes for.

    7. All beach access points are shown on Google Maps.

    8. A link to commute times from each home to popular locations is provided for every property.

    9. I show things around the property with a link to Google Maps. Public schools, private schools, hospitals, restaurants, gyms, shopping, beaches, and churches.

    I used to show a street view image too, can’t remember why I stopped.

    All the above maps are linked to a full size map too, so just one click away.

  • Max Nucci

    Saw the same ad in my feed and will be digging into it to find out if there’s anything new in their API. We already use their Maps API daily

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