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How to Remove Email Notifications from Facebook Groups

Fair Warning: for the advanced techies reading this, you’ll want to gloss right over this post. And I won’t hold it against you.

How many of you have been added to a Facebook Group without your permission? It’s happened to me, and I’ve done it to friends. In most cases, it’s someone you know that’s added you to a group they feel you should be part of. Likely, you find the group valuable and want to be a part of it, but sometimes a specific group is not something important enough to receive email updates every time anyone in the group posts an update. Facebook by default turns on email notifications, but you can turn them off with two clicks, and the screen shot below shows how.

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Turning off email notifications allows you to remain part of the group and receive notifications within Facebook, but not be bothered with cluttering up your email.

For the newbies to Facebook Groups, hope this helps. For the advanced readers, back to your regular scheduled Geek Estate programming.

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