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Which IDX Vendors Include Sold Data?

Jim Klinge in San Diego ( asked me a question I’d like to pose to the Geek Estate community:

I’m looking for an IDX solution that includes solds.

We signed up with Boomtown to help facilitate our Zillow leads . It works as advertised – we can watch what listings our buyers are looking at.

But when it comes time to discuss comps/value, I then have to send them links to other websites because doesn’t have solds. We have had luck in getting them to use the website for searches, and I think it blows the momentum to then have to send them comps using Zillow or Redfin links.

I read through your IDX posts, but I need to investigate which IDX provider also includes solds. Unless you know?

What IDX vendors are you using? Do they have comps integrated?

PS: Have a question you’d like to open to the broader community? Shoot me an email (drew at geekestatelabs com).

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  • Jim, you might need to look for a vendor who offers a VOW solution and not IDX. In my market IDX is really restricted vs. a VOW.

    I don’t know who offers a VOW solution in your market but that company will definitely cover the sold listings and more.

    • Jim the Realtor

      Thanks Bryn – and thanks Drew!

  • This is going to vary by market. My MLS does not provide sold data. Some do. I know that showcaseIDX is working on building sold data into their platform but it isn’t there yet.

    • It looks like Sandicor allows at least 3 years of sold data to be displayed because I just brought up a sold from 3 years ago on their website.

      Whether they allow that for an IDX or only VOW I am not sure. Also if you want to include expired and withdrawn listings to give sellers ideas of what price range is not working that is probably only possible through a VOW.

      Their sold search is not good which might be an opportunity for you. I had no way to see the last 6 months to 1 year of sold which would be most relevant, plus no easy way to compare it to the subject property.

  • Marlow Harris

    I have been looking for IDX-provided “solds” for years. Spot-On Connect used to, but has gone out of business. The only other provider I found who will provide “solds” is Real Geeks, but you have to use their website platform, they won’t provide a stand-alone search on your current site.

  • Jeff

    Real Geeks offers a sold search in the markets the MLS allows sold data in the RETS (IDX) feed. Any user that saves a sold search also gets a market report saved search based on the same criteria. Increases user engagement.

  • NAR policy requires MLSs to “promptly” provide 3 yrs of sold data to brokers who request it (exempted in non-disclosure states), and have it updated every 12 hours at a minimum. This applies only to Realtor-owned MLSs. We hear from some brokers that their MLS won’t give them access to this, or they don’t have the technical capability.

    As for vendors, I’m surprised to hear Boomtown doesn’t have solds for your website. I wonder if that’s based on the territory where it’s being requested. We use RealGeeks and have a great sold search which is used for our market reports.

    This stuff shouldn’t be as difficult as it is. The data is in there. We just need to get it to our brokers and their vendors. I’d prefer that we go even further back than 3 years.

    • Sam, any thoughts as to why they limit it to 3 years? Why not give access to expired and withdrawn too? I find those a great indicator of what is not working so sellers do not make the same mistake.

      • 3 yrs was a win at the time, it’s a gradual process–much of this wasn’t available until a few years ago. I’d prefer as much data as possible that’s not personal in nature, but some folks disagree. We’ll review the timing fairly regularly, but we don’t want to pass new policy constantly that MLSs have to employ.

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