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International Real Estate Portals and Websites

globe-flagsFor those of you reading from outside the confines of the United States, what property search sites do buyers utilize in your country?

Please leave URL’s in the comments, along with the name of the country.

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  • Thanks for sharing. How long have those sites been around?

    • launched at the start of 2013, and at the start of last year.

      Some of the sites outside Russia (and the US as your question) we are most inspired by:

      Australia: and
      China: (former Soufun)

  • Sandra Meyer

    We tested the largest property portals in the world using the Alexa Rank. The result is (sorry, the intro is in German)

  • Danny Dean

    In Barbados ,for the luxury property/villas/houses/.people mainly contact with these Real Estate portals : and

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