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Legal carnival sideshow

carnivalLooks like Ben Cabellero from the infamous NAREP has entered the form promulgation and legal interpretation business. Take a look at the form sent out to brokers and agents in an email today. I find it interesting that the organization is willing to send out forms to a wide network of brokers and agents.

What do you think? Is he nuts? Or on to something…(links to message and addendum below)


NAREP email to broker and agents

NAREP- Addendum to Listing Agreement


image courtesy of David.R.Carroll on flickr

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Greg Fischer is a real estate broker in Fort Worth, TX. He is also the head of partnerships at Doorsteps. He loves barbecue, football, spotify, Dr. Dre, TCU, and everything Fort Worth.

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  • Interesting. The document is clearly written to convince sellers that they don’t want syndication. It doesn’t read like it went through the legal department.

    Opinions on the quality of this document aside, the usage agreements are carte blanche for the portals. Brokers don’t take the time to read them. They’re very one-sided.

    • Agree Sam, I hope no one takes this as gospel because it was delivered by a “professional” organization.

      Separately, I agree the usage agreements are probably overlooked by most who syndicate.

  • Really don’t get what he expects to happen from this. How large a list did he send them to, and in what part of the country? What does the non tech savvy agent think?

    • I’m unsure of the distribution. Because he is in the same MLS as me I’m guessing to the MLS area (greater DFW)

      I would love to sit in on a listing appointment where an agent presents this. Will only cause confusion and distrust in my opinion

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