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Live Exclusively = Smart Approach to Curation

I came across Live Exclusively yesterday, which apparently has its sights set on massive expansion.

A thoughtfully curated collection of new and preconstruction South Florida residences priced above $1 million USD now available in the App Store!

They list “thoughtful curation” as their #1 feature.

I like it…

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  • Why do you like it?

    For me I would rather see all projects in my price range, not those that someone else hand picked. Maybe they do not have the same taste as me or recognize a good opportunity.

    Also, why download an app just to see some projects. I browse the web all the time on my phone, would that not be easier, one click and I am viewing properties vs. having to download and install an app.

    • I’m bullish on curation as the future for the consumer. There’s simply too much noise to deal with.

      • It is an interesting theory. Any success stories yet? If so I might try it.

        • Andrew Weinberger

          I don’t think you should curate sales listings. Buyers are finicky and the best thing you can do is give them intuitive, easy to use filters and search options. The sort of curation Live Exclusively is promoting screams “marketing gimmick” from a company that doesn’t have enough sales data/listings.
          Most sales listings/data tends to be pretty clean as it’s coming from MLS’s so it really doesn’t need curation. I do see an argument for cleaning up listing pages however as many sites have way too much junk on there.

          • What type of junk? I have found buyers and sellers appreciate a lot of data. If there is something that does not interest them they just skip it.

          • Andrew Weinberger

            There’s just too much useless data though. I get that some people appreciate it, but I think it confuses the majority of buyers/sellers more than anything. The best solution would be to curate it.
            I’ve always hated seeing demographics, weather data, crime data, etc on listings. That’s probably my biggest gripe, but there are others. I don’t see any need to put things like moving cost calculators on listing pages. Have a referral/partner page with one if you must, but don’t put it on every listing page.
            I also think that other information for example school data can usually be displayed in a better manner. Same with historic sales/price data.

            Honestly, in a perfect world I would like to see very clean listing pages with an option to “get a property report” where a user who wants more data can have a custom report generated and sent to them via email. Something that would look like the reports from Although I still think that even with those reports you should avoid certain demographic data as well as silly nonsense like avg temperature, elevator wait time, etc.

          • I agree on demo graphics and weather. The demographics is just not very helpful, and the weather they probably have a good idea of.

            However, crime data, and sex offender data, I think can be helpful.

            I have a different opinion on displaying data. I feel you lose about 85% of your viewers each time you make them click. For an email request, you probably lose 99% of your viewers.

            So I feel if you have some good data, why hide it behind an email request which 99% of your viewers will never do so they never get to appreciate this data.

            I put it out there, they appreciate it, and then they recommend my website to others.

          • Andrew Weinberger

            It depends, but there are definitely cases where curating the info makes sense. I’ll use NYC as an example. I wouldn’t recommend anyone show crime or sex offender data for NYC. It’s not really useful information, and in such a densely populated city there will always be crime as well as sex offenders. The only thing that displaying it can do is to scare buyers unnecessarily. In a more suburban or rural setting this info is much more relevant.

            I also believe in using a “less is more” strategy when it comes to marketing. I’ll use pet policy as an example. New agents used to always ask me “What should I write for the pet policy?” and I told them to keep it simple. If they allow medium dogs or just 1 dog simply put dogs ok and qualify them over the phone. The worst thing that happens is you get a call from someone with 2 Mastiffs, but at least you got the call. And there’s almost always some flexibility. I know of plenty of instances where a building makes an exception under the right circumstances (I’ve even seen landlords completely throw the pet policy out the window if you’re talking about a PH unit that might rent for 3-5x what other rentals in the building go for). If a renter were to see a 1 dog limit they likely wouldn’t consider that it might not apply to them due to their budget being so high. The same goes for when a buyer sees crime statistics. They won’t think “oh, it’s NYC, there’s 10M people here so some muggings are expected” but instead they’ll start thinking “What if I’m mugged. Do I need to buy a taser or mace?” etc, instead of focusing on what makes the home great.

            This might be less applicable to your site as it seems like most of the users on your site have already made up their mind about working with you, but for most brokers who are using an IDX they need to understand that it’s typically about getting the initial phone call or email. You don’t want someone to spend 10 minutes each on 5 listings only to realize there’s some minor thing wrong with each and to then navigate to another site and contact an agent there asking for something as simple as a floor plan or more photos.

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