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How to make money with a real estate startup – infographic

I saw this infographic the other day on


The first step made me think of real estate right away: “Find a product that is popular but not yet perfect.” Does that not describe virtually everything in real estate? Practically every tech tool I use in real estate is far from perfect. Think about it: CRM, IDX, Document mangement, MLS software, etc. Much of it is counterintuitive, inadequate, incomplete and downright frustrating. It makes me realize what opportunities exist in real estate technology for a killer app in each of these categories. I often find myself thinking, “Why doesn’t someone make an X product that does A, B, C and D well?” There are times I think, ” Screw it, I should just create app “X” that does things the way I want. But really, this industry needs someone far more talented, creative and entrepreneurial than I am to tackle these needs. Who’s it going to be? Perhaps a current Geek Estate reader?

About Mike McGee

My wife Tina and I own and operate Intown Elite Real Estate in Atlanta GA. Like most small business owners, I wear many hats. I'm the broker, IT support guy and amateur webmaster, among other things. I run a few websites, including my primary site at, a niche site at covering lake homes near Atlanta, and others.

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  • What app ideas do you think need to be built?

    • “CRM, IDX, Document management, MLS software, etc.” I was thinking mostly about CRM when writing this post. I’m still not happy with the options available on the market.

  • Donald Trumpp

    we need CRM based on voice recognition (instead of typing)

  • ash

    I’m curious which apps you’re talking about too!

  • Good article, If we could some how remove allot of the challenges with working with different MLS standards. As in maybe have some actual standards it would go along way to opening up the market for innovation.

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