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How to make money with a real estate startup – infographic

I saw this infographic the other day on


The first step made me think of real estate right away: “Find a product that is popular but not yet perfect.” Does that not describe virtually everything in real estate? Practically every tech tool I use in real estate is far from perfect. Think about it: CRM, IDX, Document mangement, MLS software, etc. Much of it is counterintuitive, inadequate, incomplete and downright frustrating. It makes me realize what opportunities exist in real estate technology for a killer app in each of these categories. I often find myself thinking, “Why doesn’t someone make an X product that does A, B, C and D well?” There are times I think, ” Screw it, I should just create app “X” that does things the way I want. But really, this industry needs someone far more talented, creative and entrepreneurial than I am to tackle these needs. Who’s it going to be? Perhaps a current Geek Estate reader?

About Mike McGee

My wife Tina and I own and operate Intown Elite Real Estate in Atlanta GA. Like most small business owners, I wear many hats. I'm the broker, IT support guy and amateur webmaster, among other things. I run a few websites, including my primary site at, a niche site at covering lake homes near Atlanta, and others.

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