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The Mayday Button, for Real Estate?

According to many, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is considered the most brilliant tech executive since the late Steve Jobs. I tend to agree with that thinking, which is exactly why I put so much weight on the most prominent part of Kindle’s new commercial being…the Mayday button.

I’ve talked about Google Helpouts before. Mayday is a very similar concept. Click the button on your Kindle, and you’ll instantly get a live human to help you with whatever you need (their goal is to increase Amazon’s conversion rates).

What if a “Mayday for Real Estate” button gave you access to a trusted LOCAL real estate expert, in the same fashion? What if “Mayday for Real Estate” got you face-to-face with someone who knows the local market, understands the industry to answer anything general a buyer might ask, and is intimately familiar with all the specialties of agents and brokerages? That specialist would dig into exactly what a buyer is looking for, and connect them with the RIGHT agent for their scenario (in a way “data” cannot)? We all know qualified leads are worth a pretty penny to agents and brokerages.

So, who will deliver mayday for real estate? Zillow? Trulia? Urban Compass in NYC? A new, yet-to-be-funded startup? Or one of the behemoths — Google, Apple, or Amazon?

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