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The Mayday Button, for Real Estate?

According to many, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is considered the most brilliant tech executive since the late Steve Jobs. I tend to agree with that thinking, which is exactly why I put so much weight on the most prominent part of Kindle’s new commercial being…the Mayday button.

I’ve talked about Google Helpouts before. Mayday is a very similar concept. Click the button on your Kindle, and you’ll instantly get a live human to help you with whatever you need (their goal is to increase Amazon’s conversion rates).

What if a “Mayday for Real Estate” button gave you access to a trusted LOCAL real estate expert, in the same fashion? What if “Mayday for Real Estate” got you face-to-face with someone who knows the local market, understands the industry to answer anything general a buyer might ask, and is intimately familiar with all the specialties of agents and brokerages? That specialist would dig into exactly what a buyer is looking for, and connect them with the RIGHT agent for their scenario (in a way “data” cannot)? We all know qualified leads are worth a pretty penny to agents and brokerages.

So, who will deliver mayday for real estate? Zillow? Trulia? Urban Compass in NYC? A new, yet-to-be-funded startup? Or one of the behemoths — Google, Apple, or Amazon?

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  • Drew,
    I know many of our clients offer this as a chat service. It works really well in connecting with someone. I think why Mayday works, is that you already have purchased their product and they are there to help. In real estate, you haven’t already, in most cases, started working with a Realtor regularly if you’re on a website. So you don’t have that connection, and most prospects would feel that’s freaky.

    We’re currently rolling this out inside of our CRM though (without the video, but with an instant get help button and we even have an algorithm that guesses when someone might need help and it pops up to offer it to them).

    • Cool. Curious to hear how it ends up working.

    • Cool. Curious to hear how it ends up working.

  • if you’re porting the idea to real estate, the central question would be where the button is placed. Find a good place and it could turn into an ingenious lead gen company for the industry.

    • Exactly. CRM companies that also do websites should figure this out quickly since they have both sides (agent + consumer) already.

      Better brokerage offering than agent offering though.

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