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Meet The RE Tech Entrepreneur: Jay Maharaj from ClientLinkt

In our latest real estate tech interview, we’re talking with the CEO of ClientLinkt, Jay Maharaj.


What do You Do?
Jay maharajI’m the co-founder and CEO at ClientLinkt. We build branded smartphone apps for real estate agents & offices to stay connected with clients and showcase their expertise – even after the sale. Agents create a curated list of recommended vendors & local businesses to share via the app – and can also send market updates and home maintenance tips via push notifications. Being a small company, my role encompasses a lot of things – from product development, to working with our clients, to the occasional sales call.

What Problem do You Solve?

Too often clients forget about their agent after the paperwork is signed – which is a huge loss of repeat and referral clients. So we make it easy for agents to stay top of mind and adding value. Agents have so much local knowledge & inside advice for homeowners. And with their own custom app – this advice is always accessible and available when clients need it most.

What Are You Most Excited About Right Now?

clientlinktOur clients’ success! We work really closely with all of our clients, and we use their feedback on what’s working to drive product development. One of the really great things we’re seeing is agents turning their app into a local hub for everything in their community. They build out a list of top businesses in the area – everything from restaurants, to auto-repair, to painters; include local attractions & things to do; and send out important community updates. Plus, they’ll fill their app with discounts from local businesses. Not only are they offering great service to current clients – they’re also building referral relationships with businesses in their community and are connecting with new potential clients.

What’s Next for You?

Right now we’re working on more client engagement tools in our apps – like the ability for agents to send out polls and event reminders to people using their app, and for their clients to be able to leave reviews.

What’s a Cause You’re Passionate About?

I’ve always been passionate about leveraging technology to improve communication. Over the past 15 years I’ve been involved with several non-profits, helping to design and implement communication solutions – primarily for non-verbal individuals, and individuals with dementia. From desktop programs, to caregiver & facility based coordination systems, to recently an iPad Speech/Communication App through the George Reed Foundation and the University of Regina, Canada. This same passion drives my work at ClientLinkt, where we leverage Smartphones to improve communication and create stronger relationships between real estate agents and their clients.

Thanks to Jay for sharing his story.

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