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Do Millennials Need Their Own Portal?

Another portal, targeted at millennials? Will that get adopted? It seems we’re about to find out with Zillow Group’s upcoming launch of

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  • The link in your post is not working right now for me.

    • works for me

      • OK, it works for me now too.

        I think it is a great move. I have a number of different search interfaces on my website because searching for homes is not one size fits all.

        If I had millions to spend I would also start a separate domain for at least one of my different searches. For smaller websites it does not make sense from an SEO perspective either, but for Zillow’s size it makes sense.

        Zillow also has a new source of ad revenue.

  • Matthew Cohen

    It doesn’t seem like a bad idea to experiment with. Certainly various generations respond differently to certain types of interfaces and content. So, it makes sense to try a way to appeal to one segment without potentially moving the cheese for another. We’ll see where it goes.

    • Agree. Though as a millennial, I’m not sure what would convince me there was a need to use a different website? Maybe lifestyle focused? But I’m not sure what “lifestyle” all millennials share?
      I’ll with hold judgement though until I actually see what they release, and how they position/brand that offering.

      From Zillow’s shoes, worst case, probably takes up another spot in SEO rankings that would otherwise have gone to a broker or agent website. Which is a win to control more market share of buyer traffic.

    • Ryan Gullett

      It reminds me of PayPal & Venmo…I been using PayPal (and every other method of sending payments online) for years and years. Yet, for some reason Venmo took off and now its the standard. Even though PayPal owns Venmo…

      Its hard to understand, because Google Wallet and many others do exactly the same thing as Venmo, yet it was pulling teeth to get your friends to use those apps. But people don’t even blink before installing Venmo.

      My point is, its hard to predict what will take off, but sometimes new branding helps with that.

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