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Mobile + MLS = Bueller?

Connecticut MLS bailed on CoreLogic. Cameron Paine, the CEO, said:

When it became clear that Fusion would never be able to operate flawlessly on tablets (iPad, Kindle Fire, etc.), and after a series of meetings with the board and MLS committee early this month, the decision was made to NOT move forward with a conversion to the Fusion MLS system

My question is this: Are there any MLS vendors building a MOBILE-ONLY MLS offering?



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  • Sep Niakan

    I think Fusion absolutely stinks. Supposedly my association is coming out with one that they say is great called GoMLS. Has anyone used that one? We had Kurio mobile-friendly at our association but the user experience was pretty poor.

  • Christian Driscoll

    Drew, Thanks for jumping on this. I am no programmer (beyond the use of a few html tags), but I think that the problem is that Core Logic (and the rest of the industry) is reticent to adopt HTML5. All the developers had years of notice that support for Flash was going to dry up (and support was non-existent on some platforms), yet what did they use for Fusion? You guessed it, Flash. So Fusion won’t work on Android ICS, or later, or any Apple products. I have not tried it on Windows 8 mobile, so I can’t speak for that.
    CTMLS presently has a mobile solution for search and showing reservation (which is a little clunky, but works), but nothing that allows agents to edit their listings on a mobile platform. Sep, we used to use Kurio and I fully agree with your characterization of it.
    Perhaps the software vendors are putting too much effort into making a solution for both mobile and desktop, rather than running a parallel but lighter weight mobile software that will satisfy those time-sensitive need we have in our travels throughout the day. Drew, I think you are on the right track with a mobile-only MLS.
    Kudos to Cameron Paine for his pro-action. A couple of weeks ago, I had mentioned this problem to our local board leaders, who passed this onto Paine. From his response to me, it seemed he was about three steps ahead of me on the matter.

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