CoreLogic is now offering consumer search sites powered by to their MLS clients.

I honestly don’t get understand why any MLS would spend time and money on a consumer search website. From CoreLogic,, or any other provider.

My core question is are MLS’ playing to win? HAR is literally the only successful consumer-facing MLS website that has ever existed, and they started their effort years and years and years ago. Is there any MLS executive who truly believes they can compete with the portals or even web savvy brokerages and agents for consumer buyer traffic?

It appears SANDICOR, which launched their consumer-facing site in 2011 and re-vamped it in 2014, has abandoned their consumer portal effort. I checked, and see a 404:

I’m still left wondering. Why are MLS’ launching consumer-facing websites at all? Does someone want to explain it to me? What does “winning” look like for an MLS anyway?