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One Thing I Like About Google+

Google+ has already been covered by everyone and their mother, so I don’t want to write some all encompassing analysis of the platform since it would be largely the same content others have already written. However, one feature I love is the ability in Google+ to easily see a feed activity for my close business connections (I created a circle called “closebizfriends”) without the clutter of everyone else in my network. After all, it’s only natural that I follow some people like David Gibbons, whom I worked for 3 years and also shared many drinks in a social context, more closely than people who I’ve met once in my life for a total of 3 minutes. I’m pretty sure you are the same way. My close business connections are the types of people I want to make sure not to lose touch with no matter where they live (for instance, South Africa).

Could I do this with Facebook? Yes. But they don’t make it as easy to group my friends like Google+ does — and people are often sharing different information on Google+ (more business related from what I’ve seen so far) than what they would share on Facebook.

And, yes, I know David may be a bad example for this since he has posted nothing to Google+ yet. But I could easily substitute Jim Marks (who I now work for at Virtual Results), Kris Berg (a client of Virtual Results), Mike Price, or a few other close professional connections I’ve made over the past 5 years.

Truth be told, what I’d really love is a merged feed of both Google+, Facebook, and Twitter for this specific group of people. Is anyone working on that?

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