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An Outline for a Sharing Economy Brokerage

sharingeconomy-economistIn general, I’m a huge advocate for the sharing economy (prior post is located here).

I use AirBnB when I travel.

I use Lyft when I need a ride.

I would love nothing more than to use a sharing economy brokerage (& agent) whenever I choose to buy a house (notelikely not soon).

What does “sharing economy brokerage” mean, exactly?

At a high level, it means you live your life via the sharing economy. As do your clients.

What does that mean? Share absolutely everything, with your community — and help them share & barter with each other, in a trusted environment.

Garden tools. Cars. Conference rooms. Projectors. Picnic tables. Knowledge. Work space. Printers. Movies. Hand-me-downs. Spare time. Skills. Baby sitters.

I think you get the point.

Check the bottom of for a long list of startups tackling various aspects of the economy via sharing that can help.

And, yes, a service like Homing In or Curb Call should be part of your sharing economy brokerage.

What is your definition of a “sharing economy brokerage”? Does one exist anywhere in the United States (or abroad)? You can BET, the first such brokerage will get lots and lots of media coverage for being the first to market — assuming you can articulate your point of differentiation, and how you are truly enabling your local community to share time, resources, and knowledge amongst themselves.

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