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    An Inside Peek at Knock, and Zillow’s Entry into Purchasing Homes

    by Drew Meyers on April 13, 2018

    Editor’s Note: Below is the Geek Estate Mastermind newsletter #18 from February (this week’s edition was #24). Prospective members often ask for a sample newsletter, so thought I’d post a past edition publicly as an example — particularly given the relevance of Knock’s model to yesterday’s Zillow announcement that they will begin purchasing homes directly. Those of you who know me, know I’ve been advocating for the consumer since I entered this industry as a 23 year old graduate from the University of Washington. “Win the consumer” is what … Read More »

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Geek Estate Mastermind Newsletter #30 – AI and Home Search and eXp Realty Listing on the NASDAQ

Posted on by Drew Meyers

The purpose of Geek Estate’s mastermind community is two fold: Curate the most incredible and diverse membership of real estate innovators, creatives, doers, and creators in the world. Make our members wildly successful in their careers building real estate companies. This week’s member newsletter (#30) touched on two main topics: AI and home search (with some thoughts on the recent Zillow & AI article) and eXp Realty listing on the NASDAQ and becoming the next billion dollar franchise. If you want to read the entire newsletter, … Read More »

Why Does Horizon Still Exist?

Posted on by Drew Meyers

Below is an update we sent this morning to all users of Horizon and our previous product, Oh Hey World (which failed). I know some of you are on that list. Bottom line: Yes, startups are hard. Why Does Horizon Still Exist? Hi again, Drew here, co-founder of Horizon… Remember when you found Horizon App and discovered a way to connect members of communities around the globe? We, the Horizon team, envisioned a new way to travel—one that would facilitate homestays among friends, friends of friends, and communities, … Read More »

Google Maps and a Coming Crisis for Real Estate Techies

Posted on by Drew Meyers

I have a prediction: many developers are going to get caught with their pants down when Google Maps APIs become significantly more expensive come June (see this article and here). It’s blatantly obvious Google Maps is the best product. However, at some point, price will be prohibitive for tech vendors to continue to support the platform. After all, even if developers prefer to work with Google Maps, clients are the ones who will be forced to foot the bill. Even if you’re not using the full Maps API, literally every website … Read More »

.realestate Domains

Posted on by Drew Meyers

I saw the news that NAR is launching the .realestate top-level domain later this year, which is a result of winning the rights to do so back in 2014. Domain names are not valuable by themselves. They aren’t going rank in Google without great content and backlinks, both of which require either considerable time or money. It’s no secret I’m a skeptic of the value of top level domain names, just read the comments on this post about .realtor for my thoughts on the topic from several years ago. From … Read More »

Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Jatinder Singh from Botplan

Posted on by Drew Meyers

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Jatinder Singh, founder of Botplan. Without further ado… What do you do? I am the founder and CEO of Botplan. Botplan is a Real Estate Chatbot company. Our software is a white label chatbot that Real Estate Agents and Brokers can install on their Websites, Facebook, and SMS to engage traffic to these channels and convert more of that traffic into Leads. What problem does your product/service solve? There are 2 Million Real Estate … Read More »

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