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Personal Agent Websites are Critical to Building Trust with Consumers

Yahoo! has some interesting findings regarding how online engagement influences the agent selection process, which will be presented at the upcoming NAR Conference. The session will be titled “Building an Online Presence in a Fragmented Market” and it will be in the Convention Center on Monday, November 10 from 9:00-10:00am. The findings regarding agent websites caught my interest:

The Yahoo! study found that personal agent websites are a critical touch point for increasing the consumer’s perception and trust of the real estate agent. Consumers noted that an agent’s website increased their perception of and trust in the real estate agent they chose. If an agent’s site doesn’t offer enough information or looks unprofessional, this will create a negative experience for the prospective client. Thirty-six percent of consumers who rejected an agent said that the agent’s site didn’t offer enough information online.

Agents have the opportunity to increase awareness consideration by creating a professional, informative and trustworthy online presence. A large majority of consumers (67 percent) look at photos of properties and get an overview of the service. The study also found that increasing trust and perception through a credible website can affect consumers who use the site to get an agent’s contact information (53 percent). Search engines are a critical driver of traffic to these sites, as seventy-four percent of people who accessed an agent website got there with help from a search engine.

I’d love to get your thoughts as to what real estate technology providers produce the most professional agent websites — is it all about design or is quality information the real key? Further, what types of information (school data, listings, home values, crime, demographics, market analysis, etc) do you think are the most valuable to building credibility with your consumers?

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  • Drew:

    Hello! How are you? How can / Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies become a vendor on this list?


  • You mean THIS list? Ask.

    I just added Lone Wolf.

  • I use Real Estate Webmasters and are very happy with their service. They are on the cutting edge of real estate websites.

    As far as what type of information builds credibility with consumers I would have to say factual, no hype data about the areas I service. This includes schools, market statistics, my commentary on the market and properties for sale. Providing links to demographics and crime statistics are helpful and provide credibility as well.

    Sarasota Real Estate

  • I agree that a personal webstie is key, and unfortunately, those vendors all have a weekness… They’re platforms, and that means that there will be default content generated to flesh out any initial site. Unfortunately, some reatlors out there will hear that “they need a website” for a personal touch, a go get a stock website from one of these vendors, shell out the dough and expect gold to rain from the sky! Any of those platforms could be a success, if the Realtor takes an interest and actually replaces default content, and writes about their area without copying and pasting from wikipedia.


  • I agree that an agent site is very important to building trust with potential clients. I have been selling real estate online at a high level for 4 -5 years now. We just recently just started our own IDX real estate website company Real Geeks.

    What inspired me to do that? The company that previously was created my old site and was handling the IDX solution would charge me to do something and not fully integrate it. Their customer service was horrible as well. Plus, I also am an agent selling online and want to help other agents succeed as well. The first two beta sites are live, but not all the functions are programmed yet.

    The sites are: my personal agent website and American Dream realty’s company site.

    Some of the features that the site will have are:

    Custom and Template Website Features
    1. Fully Editable Pages
    2. Change and Edit Meta Titles and Descriptions
    3. Built in Blog

    Custom IDX / MLS Solutions
    1. Daily Email Alerts
    2. Lead Capture
    3. Fully Integrated on site NOT framed like others
    4. Interactive Map Functionality
    5. User Backend to save searches and favorites
    Lead Management System
    1. Agent Assigning Functions
    2. Email Notification of new leads
    3. Follow Features and Reminders
    4. Much More!
    We are looking for beta agents in different markets. Real Geeks would love to be on your list as well Drew. Might be a little early though.

  • 65% of my Business comes from my Ubertor Websites

    Yes its true 65% of my business comes from my Ubertor website and 35% from referrals. Approximately 1 year ago I decided to take my business 100% digital and drop all the heavy cost of print advertising and my business hasn’t skipped a beat.

    I use to have a webgirl take care of my custom site but it seemed that her schedule dictated my timeliness. I had to move on. With great research I found a realtor website company called Ubertor and they rock!!!!

    The most important thing about web marketing for realtors is being true to your brand and with template type websites it’s really tough to stand out and look professional and to look unique. Ubertor understood this at an early stage and now lets us customize the look with an unlocked CSS format. If you don’t like the template you can hire your own designer and make it 100% custom. This way it’s consistent to your demographics tastes, the cards you hand out, your feature sheets and open house signs. Too many realtors have a great this and a great that but there is no synergy with their marketing.

    It might be months or years of people watching my video blogs, seeing my website and seeing my feature sheets of open house signs before they call but the consistency of my web marketing plan won’t allow my clients or future clients be confused about who I am and what I stand for.

    Just ask the thousand of clients that Ubertor supports, it is so easy to manipulate and so easy to customize it’s ridiculous. I have been on the Ubertor system for about 4 years now and it keeps getting better and better thanks to their incredible innovation with things such as video integration (almost like a tubemogal system) which is perfect for my daily Vlogs, of course dinoblogs (text based), Google maps, photos, 360 Tours are so easy to use and upload but it’s the little things that set them apart. First of all, they have live help you can just log on and within 10 seconds there is someone to help you. And best of all there is no contract, if you don’t like it cancel.

    I love my Ubertor website so much that I made a video comparing them to another company that always SPAMS me every month. Have a look

    Ian Watt

    Marketing Vancouver’s Luxury Condominiums 100% Digitally, Environmentally and Globally

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  • yes Ian is right-Ubertor is great!
    but really-they spam you Ian? that is ridiculous!

  • Thanks Ian and Patricia for your kind words. Glad you are loving what we do. 🙂

  • Hey guys,

    I’m a realtor in Mexico and also part time website designer if anyone would like some help getting started with a website please email me.

    Conner Collins
    Living Lake Chapala

  • Design and extensive community information are both important. Some consumers go to real estate websites to research while others go just to look at listings.

    Blogs are important for credibility. We are seeing more and more users go to our blog.

    Real Estate Sarasota Florida

  • Our main focus has been on the most compelling interactive map search as the primary component of an effective website. the primary focus of the consumer at first is listings if that is implemented well you will have the opportunity to present your expertise, personality, and communication style. Check out our search focused wordpress site with IDX plug-in

    We are evolving the site to present the agents now that we have the stickiness of the map search.

  • The key to a successful real estate website is twofold.
    1) You must have the content your customers are looking for.
    2) Provide many ways for your customers to contact you; forms, email, blog and phone.

    <a href=””<Real estate in Destin Florida

  • Point 2 agent is great for real estate agents.

  • I think some of real estate agents have their own site to trick their consumers. Well, maybe it needs booth of the two like the theme or design and information on it.

  • make sure to look for a good real estate agents to enjoy a painless real estate transaction.

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