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Realogy Invests in Estately

header_estatelySome of you may have seen the news that Realogy has made a strategic investment into Estately (I saw the news on GeekWire). Galen is another real estate tech entrepreneur based here in the Seattle area, which of course is home to Zillow, Redfin, & MarketLeader. I’d say the investment is an extremely smart strategic move by Realogy to get a major stake in one of the best search experiences anywhere.

Side note: I’ve long thought Broker Public Portal should just buy Estately and fill it with data across the entire country, rather than build from scratch. But what do I know…

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  • I don’t know what Estately’s valuation is, but I’d agree that it’s a perfect plug-and-play for the BPP. No reason to reinvent the wheel if you’re just trying to make a clean, easy-to-use portal and plug in the national listings.

    • Sadly, it seems they are going to attempt to recreate the wheel…

  • “I’ve long thought Broker Public Portal should just buy Estately and fill it with data across the entire country”


  • I’m at KW (not at a Realology brokerage) but I hope they make this app available for general agent purchase. I love the interface. I’d pay good money for a self-branded app that shows contingencies and offers push notifications for new listings. I use the Redfin app every day. It’s way more helpful than my MLS. I’d sure love to be able to give something like it to my clients.

    • I’m still not convinced an individual agent search app makes sense. Why would a consumer ever download that? If an agent asks their client to download app X, and that client asks “well, I already have Redfin… why should I use this app instead”, what’s the agent response?

      • Because you could have a conversation inside the app with your client via push notifications.
        buyer: “I like this condo. Can we take a look tomorrow?”
        agent: “They aren’t allowing showings until Friday. How’s noon on Friday?”
        buyer: “Perfect. Can it go FHA?”
        You can do this inside the Redfin app – even with non-Redfin agents. I’d love to be able to do it with my own branded app. Redfin just recently started covering Nashville. It has almost no market share.

        • Would that answer resonate as valuable to a consumer?

          • I think so. It might not win you business, and certainly it isn’t for every agent, but you’d be delivering excellent service to the customers who did use it. They’d be impressed. But some buyers are crazy. Favoriting 65 houses in 10 different cities, and asking questions at all hours. Still, I’d like to offer this technology to younger consumers.

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