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Revisiting Real Estate CRMs in 2016

Every year (starting in 2011), I think someone is going to solve the real estate CRM problem.

It’s certainly not an easy opportunity to execute on, for many reasons I’ve previously outlined.

Years later, there’s still no clear dominant vendor.

I’ve been consulting for, and am currently evaluating CRMs for the business as we go into 2017. I’ve asked a few of my trusted friends in the industry and have ended up with the following vendor list to evaluate:

What are you using? What else should we be looking at?

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  • We have used Contactually, and Follow Up Boss, and we currently use Pipedrive. Follow Up Boss and Contactually are very good, but we ran into some major issues that had me looking for something even better and Pipedrive right now is working great for us.

    • Anything specific you like about pipedrive?

      • The Pipedrive view is really helpful to understand a summary of what is happening with your leads.

        Also, it is extremely flexible. We are not locked in to a fixed path. We can completely customize our pipeline of leads and the stages, we can also easily customize each leads record in terms of what information we keep on the lead, and we can easily customize filters to view certain subsets of leads.

        We have it configured to have all our emails go into it automatically, so anytime we email a lead that email automatically attaches to that leads record.

        If we email a new lead that is not in their it instantly creates a new lead from that email.

        Also, you can do pretty much everything through your phone, not just get a leads phone number.

        When evaluating see how flexible the solution is. Can you tailor it exactly the way you want or are you stuck with predefined options?

        Test their mobile apps. Do they allow full functionality or mainly just looking up a leads phone number?

        Does their email integration work flawlessly? Will it integrate with your website?

        Those were some of the surprises we hit with other options that lead us to Pipedrive.

        • You should turn this comment into a blog post review of the Pipeline CRM.

          • OK, good idea, I will write something up.

          • BG

            Bryn – I understand you’re using Contactually and Follow Up Boss as well as Pipeline. Would Pipeline alone suffice?

          • Actually I used Contactually and Follow Up Boss prior to going to Pipedrive. You only want to run one CRM at a time, so yes, you can just run Pipedrive.

          • BG

            I see. Thanks for the clarification. I too like the Pipedrive view. It reminds me of a program we’ve used for software development called JIRA. So it appears it’s not necessary to limit oneself to a real estate specific solution, such as Realty Juggler or Top Producer. Whatever solution I find, it needs to be super easy for wifey to log in and use.

  • Chris Traczyk been using it for about a yr now cut wait to see the results

  • BG

    I’m looking for something as well and was looking at WiseAgent and Realty Juggler, which are both real estate specific.

  • I like the idea of website plus built-in CRM.

    • Mark has a great point. If your website is not great, getting a website plus an integrated CRM is a great way to go. I think all your options above do not include a website, so that is something to think about.

      • Yea, we’re not going to switch our website. It’s a full custom VOW, that we’re rebuilding right now.

  • BG

    I work in IT for a company not related to real estate and am the husband of a real estate agent who has tasked me with finding a way to organize leads that are acquired from various sources. One lead source can configure it so that leads flow directly into compatible CRMs. Another lead source will require manual data entry. I’ll be keeping an eye on this page hoping to find a solution.

  • Ryan Gullett

    Lots of the “all in one” companies all have CRMs on their back end. Boomtown. Realgeeks, Placester. etc.

    I am working under the Placester platform(and CRM) right now, for the agency I work at. I know it inside and out.

    One big thing to keep in mind… these CRMs that people mention from companies that give you a IDX website(Realgeeks, Placester) only really work for contacts that USE your website. It is not a good place to manage your other “leads”. The annoying part, is that you need to migrate the contacts that register on the website to a more proper system.

    When you are researching these places, they will try to sell you on having a built in CRM to manage ALL your contacts. But anyone who has worked with them knows that they are not a great option to manage all your contacts/leads.

    So using a site like Placester or Realgeeks probably means you need to invest in a site like Contactually or Pipedrive on top of what you already use.

  • JC

    We have been looking for CRM for real estate from an investor’s perspective. It seems like most of the CRMs for real estate out there are for agents. We needed something to keep track of potential deals, market data, and traditional CRM features like contact management, search, etc. We also wanted to real estate-focused system. We wanted to be able to search by address and display deals on a map.

    We couldn’t find something like this, so we made one. It is called ( We have been using the system for a while now, and it has been working out great. Not only do we have our deal information, we have built up market data by constantly updating comps and available deals in the market. I would love to get feedback from people who have used other CRMs

  • Bhavesh Koladiya

    Some time ago, we looking CRM for our real estate business. That time my friend suggest to SoftwareSuggest. I visit this platform and they recommend to Propertybase. One of the best real estate CRM out there. It helped that we had previously used Salesforce some time recently, which made our move less demanding, yet the capacity and knowledge PropertyBase has given us has been remarkable. I think PropertyBase must be the amazing support.

  • Lydia Gable

    The issue I see is that some of these companies come and go and Top Producer stays around. There may be better CRM’s but if you need to always be changing that can’t be good for your business. What do you think of Top Producer?

    • BG

      This is a question I asked about Pipedrive. Does Top Producer allow you to set permissions, so that, for example, our mortgage lady can’t see all our leads… only the leads assigned to her?

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