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Shaming Renters, NAR, and Home Ownership

It’s pretty easy to figure out why NAR put out the ad above. Follow the money. Realtors don’t get paid when people rent. They only earn a commission when buyers buy homes.

It’s not optimal, but I’m a renter. Always have been.

Am I annoyed I’m not building “equity” on a monthly basis? For sure.

Do I want to be shamed for it? Certainly not.

That said — let’s stop complaining. What about causes and solutions?

Barriers to home ownership (aka causes):

  • Housing prices
  • Access to capital for down payment
  • Credit scores
  • Income
  • Lack of affordable housing inventory
  • High rents (which make it harder to save for a down payment)


What is missing from these lists? How can we make home ownership more accessible to a broader percentage of the population?

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