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Showing Your City in a Great Light, and Reaching Relocation Buyers Early in the Process

relocationAre the following true statements for you?

  1. You love your city, and desire that everyone to see your city in a great light when they visit.
  2. You seek to get your branding in front of relocation buyers as early in their process as possible.

If you know your city well, and any good real estate agent does, you already know what to tell friends when they ask for a few tips about how to best enjoy your city. And you likely have answered those questions from multiple people you know already — and will no doubt answer the same question again in the future.

Answering questions one by one, over and over. We’ve all done it. It sucks. Particularly long ones.

Wouldn’t you rather answer the question in a public place where anyone who has that same question can find it so as to not clog up your inbox?

Enter “Welcome Kits“, which consist of 3-10 pieces of advice, are for travelers coming to your city to make sure they experience the best sights and attractions — big or small — of your city.

We are helping travelers get niche advice, specific to their interests via a platform that helps your friends & others better experience your city through your unique perspective — without the email volume.

Here’s why you should do this:

  1. You have no doubt already fielded questions from people you know along the lines of “I’m visiting your city – what should I make sure to do?”. And you want less email volume (at least most of you do).
  2. People who relocate to cities no doubt travel there before hand – and this is a chance to provide value to them in a light weight way ahead of the process of finding a real estate agent.

Here’s why you should do this — NOW:

  1. There is significant value to being an early adopter, rather than the 5 millionth member of site X. Oh Hey World is still in the very very early phases, and your welcome kit will likely be the only welcome kit people checking-in to your city see for awhile.

A few welcome kit examples…Miami (Ines), New York City (Jessie Spielvogel), Charlotte (Lori Bee), San Francisco (Brad Coy), Tel Aviv (Annie Cheng), and Santiago (Leslie Forman). Oh, and here’s mine for Seattle. And yes, you figured it out – this isn’t just for US cities, it’s a worldwide platform.

If you want to be among the earliest of the early adopters, take a look at this page for further details (note you must have an OHW account to participate – sign up now).

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