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Tag Archives: carnival of real estate

Reminiscing about the Carnival of Real Estate

by Drew Meyers on 2:27 pm June 16, 2016

I was just editing my bio randomly, and one thing mentioned there is the Carnival of Real Estate (I left it in). The following images may bring flashbacks to some of you… and and Originally launched summer of 2006 (see here by the one and only DavidG), it had a good run highlighting the best of the weekly for several years. Over time, the blogging community migrated to Twitter, I believe the site got hacked horribly a few years ago, and the rest … Read More »

Jay Thompson Takes Over at Carnival of Real Estate

by Michael Price on 1:52 pm May 21, 2010

Zillow is proud to announce that Jay Thompson, AKA The Phoenix Real Estate Guy (and GEB contributor) is taking over the operation of the Carnival of Real Estate. For the few people out there unfamiliar with Jay, he is a pioneer in the realm of real estate blogging and social media. Jay was one of the first participants in CoRE and remained an active participant as a host, contributor and administrator. We decided on Jay not only for his depth of experience with the platform, … Read More »

Holidays with the Geeks 2009 (CoRE #169)

by Drew Meyers on 2:46 pm December 14, 2009

I can’t believe there have already been 168 real estate carnivals, but the 169th edition is now upon us and yours truly is at the helm once again. The last CoRE hosted here at Geek Estate Blog was Holidays with the Geeks (#121) — and it happened to be just about 1 year ago today (1 year from tomorrow to be exact). I thought it only fitting that this edition of the CoRE be dubbed “Holidays with the Geeks 2009” and take on a festive … Read More »

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