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Tag Archives: consumer facing MLS

Should the MLS care about what their members think?

by Bryn Kaufman on 11:28 pm December 11, 2016

  For me the answer is yes! For others the answer is no, in certain situations. For example, when my MLS made a decision to give Zillow our listings, they did not do a poll to see if their members wanted this service, they just did it. My guess is those that make money from Zillow leads would want it, those that do not would not. I believe that more members do not make money from Zillow vs. those that do, so taking a poll … Read More »

…or the “Baltimore Orioles plan to learn football to compete with Denver Broncos”

by Drew Meyers on 2:14 pm October 9, 2013

@drewmeyers or "Baltimore Orioles plan to learn football to compete with Denver Broncos" — Greg Fischer (@FischRealEstate) October 9, 2013 Following today’s recent news, I was going to rant about the public facing MLS issue again. But I already wrote that post back in 2011 when Sandicor launched their site. MLS’ still don’t stand a chance to compete, and it’s still a waste of money. Nothing has changed. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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