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Geek Estate Newsletter #20 – A KickStarter for Real Estate Agents

by Drew Meyers on 10:30 am March 15, 2018

The purpose of Geek Estate’s mastermind community is two fold: Curate the most incredible and diverse membership of real estate innovators, creatives, doers, and creators in the world. Make our members wildly successful in their careers building real estate companies. In this week’s member newsletter (#20), I touched on several topics: Kickstarter for real estate agents 3D printed homes (more thoughts in the newsletter) Data-driven marketing If you want to read it, and future newsletters, please apply for membership below. Geek Estate Membership Interested in joining? … Read More »

Crowdfunding Real Estate Projects Around the Globe

by Drew Meyers on 9:30 am March 7, 2017

Curbed ran a piece on crowdfunding real estate last week that’s worth a read (for those interested in crowdfunding & investing in real estate). One excerpt I took notice of: Wall Street funds have also played a role in its three other New York projects, slated to open later this year. They’re part of what Prodigy Network is calling “The Assemblage,” coworking and co-living facilities geared toward what slick marketing materials refer to as “a community of individuals who believe the world is at the verge … Read More »

Would a Kiva for Real Estate Work?

by Drew Meyers on 7:21 am March 1, 2016

There’s a number of crowdfunding startups in the real estate industry; seeming a new one ends up in my inbox every few weeks. To be honest, I haven’t really dug into many of them much. The latest one I stumbled across is Patch of Land: From what I can tell, its geared towards accredited investors. Many know I’m a massive fan of Kiva (see here, here, and here). My question — is there a true Kiva of real estate? A platform to help the average person fund home ownership, … Read More »

Equity for Investing in Great Agents

by Drew Meyers on 6:05 am December 30, 2013

Crowdfunding seems to be creeping into every vertical as a viable fundraising option. The most well known platform is of course Kickstarter. Kickstarter for real estate agents? From Brad Inman’s 2014 predictions: 4. An investment opportunity to buy equity in individual top-producing real estate agents will unfold, like what is being done with stock offerings for individual athletes. Buyer beware. Have any of you asked your absolute best clients for funding to grow your business? If not, would you consider it in the future? I’m not … Read More »

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