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Geek Build 2012 – Revisited

by Daniel Bacon on 1:00 pm August 12, 2013

Geek Build 2012 began over one year ago as an attempt to build a real estate website from scratch using input from the GeekEstate community and industry experts. We had excellent momentum and participation in the beginning, and then, as happens to many a project, things became complicated. (See this post to catch up on where we left off). Problems with the project primarily came down to two areas: Lack of participation: The first setback came soon after actual development began when several participants decided to take … Read More »

Geek Build 2012 update, child theme up for testing.

by Daniel Bacon on 6:05 am September 6, 2012

After four weeks in development the first iteration of our Geek Build 2012 test site is live at This is a child theme built on the Genesis Framework for WordPress. I sent a first round of questions and changes back to the developer today, and will continue to test the theme this week. Once we get the theme dialed in, the site will go to Real Geeks for integration with their IDX, except for one participant located in a market not served by Real Geeks. … Read More »

Geek Build 2012 developer chosen, Opportunity for 3 new participants

by Daniel Bacon on 4:16 pm July 19, 2012

After a bit of a delay we are moving forward with development of our custom child theme for the Genesis Framework. We did have some trouble finding a developer for the project. Apparently it’s a great time to be a WordPress / Genesis / PHP developer, because after approaching more than ten individuals and companies we only received one actual quote. As a reminder, we are basing the theme on the final design below. We will be able to customize all elements of the design … Read More »

Geek Build 2012 – Semi-Final.

by Daniel Bacon on 6:30 am May 16, 2012

If you have followed Geek Build 2012 you know we had a designer working on home page design, which will be used as a template when building our custom theme for the Genesis Framework (affiliate link). Last week the designer finished up her work and sent us the final Adobe Photoshop .psd file. The total cost for the work was $280, including a $30 bonus for additional work to the search box not included in the initial quote. Once we had the .psd in hand … Read More »

Geek Build 2012 – Design Concept for – Comments Requested

by Daniel Bacon on 6:47 pm May 1, 2012

Geek Build 2012 is moving along nicely, and we now have an initial design concept ready for public comments and suggestions for revisions. We chose to use for our initial design, which will be finalized in Adobe Photoshop .psd format. Once this is complete we will hire a developer to turn the design into code, and that code will be used to create our custom child theme for the Genesis framework. We submitted our job on and ended up receiving twenty bids between $110 … Read More »

Geek Build 2012 Update – Moving forward to design…

by Daniel Bacon on 6:45 am April 18, 2012

A lot has happened with Geek Build 2012 in the past month, and we thought it would help to summarize what we have accomplished and explain where we are in the process. About one month ago we got the steering committee decision recommending for hosting, at $29/month. After that Drew put up a great content checklist for a real estate website. Next up was the IDX choice. IDX being arguably the most important decision we saw a lot of posts on the subject, and … Read More »

IDX – Official Steering Committee Decision

by Daniel Beer on 11:35 pm April 2, 2012

After a very long and strongly debated case over who should be the official IDX recommendation of the Geek Build Steering Committee, we have decided on Real Geeks. Remember, the focus of Geek Build is to build websites with the following goals in mind: Maximize lead generation (signups, blog or IDX) Maximize lead conversion (phone calls, requests for showings, specific property requests, track closings from site long-term) Maximize time on site, page views/visit Minimize bounce rate Conversion is the most important aspect of an IDX, particularly … Read More »

A Minimalist Agent/Broker Website Wireframe for Geek Build

by Drew Meyers on 11:01 am

The web is shifting toward minimalism. Less is more. Chris Smith — and probably many more — agree with me. I really like the latest wireframe revision for Geek Build. But it’s more of the same. It’s bloated. It’s the norm in the real estate agent/broker website world. How about something different and innovative? How about taking a risk? How about BETTER conversion? One word. Simplify. Truthfully, if I were an agent or broker launching a new website right now, I would build a custom … Read More »

Revised Geek Build Wireframe

by Drew Meyers on 9:31 am

We’re inching closer and closer to actually designing and developing the 6 Geek Build sites. I just took some feedback into account, and made a revision from the first of the two wireframes I posted last week. You can also take a look at John Stegner’s revision here, along with the comment stream with feedback. Changes made to Option 1: Added RSS and Email updates icons to the navigation Simplified the search module — removed bathrooms and minimum price as search filters (on the home … Read More »

Geek Build 2012 – Third Wireframe Option

by John Stegner on 5:30 am March 30, 2012

I wanted to take a stab at incorporating some of the design feedback that was received regarding Drew’s two wireframe layouts. The first option was the one that was most liked and used as the basis of my revision. Here is the result of that effort (click on the image to view alone in the browser and then click again on the image once in the new window to zoom in and see the expanded view):  First, I put in some language specific tweaks to … Read More »

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