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A Few Thoughts on the Parker Principles

by Drew Meyers on 8:30 am April 3, 2018

A manifesto, the “Parker Principles“, came from Inman’s Disconnect conference last week in Palm Springs. There’s been a fair amount of chatter already in Facebook groups (and likely on Twitter too, but I’ve dropped off in terms of Twitter engagement recently), Rob’s already penned a post on “open data”, and I wasn’t there — so not sure I have too much to add to the discussion. That said, a few comments about several of the 12 principles: Transform our industry from a sales profession to a … Read More »

Inman Connect Launches Single Day “On The Road” Events

by Michael Price on 10:58 am September 19, 2016

Los Angeles Next Market For New Format Inman.Com is taking it’s popular Connect conference format on the road in an abbreviated single day format. The events are geared toward trending technology, marketing and business development topics. The next events will take place in Los Angeles (October 18) and Miami (November 30). The first half of the day are general session tracks. Separate agent and broker tracks take place the second half of the day. The presenters are a combination of local real estate professionals that have established themselves … Read More »

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