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The “Pitch” to Download an Agent App

by Drew Meyers on 9:58 am December 30, 2017

I received a “pitch” from a Keller Williams agent to download their app this morning… Customized tools to bring you the best experience in real estate search. Are you curious about what’s for sale in your community? Would you like to peek inside that house for sale down the street? My app is loaded with helpful features customized for your phone or tablet. Features: Easily connect with me and send property inquiries instantly. Draw a circle on the map or drop a pinpoint to search … Read More »

How to make money with a real estate startup – infographic

by Mike McGee on 7:59 am April 22, 2014

I saw this infographic the other day on The first step made me think of real estate right away: “Find a product that is popular but not yet perfect.” Does that not describe virtually everything in real estate? Practically every tech tool I use in real estate is far from perfect. Think about it: CRM, IDX, Document mangement, MLS software, etc. Much of it is counterintuitive, inadequate, incomplete and downright frustrating. It makes me realize what opportunities exist in real estate technology for a killer … Read More »

An Agent-to-Agent App Idea: “The State of your Real Estate Business” Check-ins

by Drew Meyers on 10:00 am February 8, 2014

This might be another absurd idea (here’s my 1st). But… What if, at end of every month, an agent “checked in” with the current state of their real estate business? A check-in would include closed deals, commission, leads generated, active buyers in queue (among other things). You would have to be verified as agent to see other agents’ stats. There could be an option to indicate specific people who could see your data. Or, maybe the monthly stats are only for you and your team members? … Read More »

Mobile Apps, and Lack of Adoption

by Drew Meyers on 10:00 pm December 2, 2013

You come up with the greatest idea on the planet for a mobile app. It’s an amazing value add for your existing clients. Or maybe it will help you reach a whole new group of potential clients. You decide to build it. But you don’t spend what it costs to make it great. You put out a half assed app to see if people like and use it before you invest serious money. (Virtually) no one uses it. Don’t automatically make the assumption that just … Read More »

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