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Tag Archives: open source

Lessons from Inman “Hack the App”

by Ed Tee on 9:30 am August 16, 2017

I was privileged to take part in the “Hack the App” session during the Inman Connect event last week.   It gave me some insights into alternative ways of building products for the real estate sector and particularly the role open source could play in that. The session was not like a traditional hackathon where teams compete to create a product from scratch. Rather, an idea had been conceived beforehand and some thought had already gone into how it should work. This was a great way … Read More »

Open Source CLI (command line interface) for Querying RETS Servers and Searching Metadata

by Drew Meyers on 4:36 pm May 4, 2016

Props to Ari Summer for releasing an open source CLI (command line interface) for querying RETS servers and searching metadata. The gem is built on top of the rets gem, which handles the actual querying and parsing of the RETS server requests. You can download and clone the repo on GitHub: Ari, please feel free to leave further clarification about what exactly this would enable a developer to do in the comments. is Now Open Source

by Drew Meyers on 10:56 am November 23, 2015


There are many, many people in the real estate industry who have WordPress powered websites. Most of those know there are two arms of WordPress. (self hosted, open source) and (hosted, not open source). The big news today is that is now open source (via Ben Thompson). That’s a big change by itself, but there is also another is a big change — it’s now Javascript based (Node & React) rather than PHP. More details on the release can be found here. I’ll be … Read More »

For Hackers/Developers: Telescope – Open Source Community Platform

by Drew Meyers on 10:38 am March 15, 2015

Regulars know that I’ve written about the idea of a “Hacker News for Real Estate“. I still think it would be cool if something like that existed, and had a community using it daily. The “community” aspect of it is easier said than done of course. If the technology side of the idea is interesting, take a look at Telescope (GitHub repo) [via Greg Langdon]

Trulia Releases an Open Source Java RETS Client

by Drew Meyers on 9:56 am February 19, 2014

The coders reading, would be wise to take note that Trulia released some open source code today — the Trulia Java RETS Client. It is an open source RETS data feed importer — meaning it should vastly speed up the time it takes to start working with MLS data for web and mobile applications (rather than having to build your own data importer before you can do anything). Smart move to earn some developer mindshare, Trulia. As I’m not a developer, I only generally get the … Read More »

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