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Help Houston

by Drew Meyers on 11:44 am September 1, 2017

Giveback Homes is helping Houston, and Placester is matching all donations up to $10,000 (current total is just north of $6k). The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey has resulted in catastrophic and historic flooding. The needs are great. We know the real estate industry wants to help which is why we organized a fund, led by Houston Giveback Homes Members. I just contributed. Will you? Donate Now

Placester and Free Websites for all Realtors

by Drew Meyers on 9:30 am May 26, 2017

I wrote about Placester in 2014. At the time, they were charging Realtors $5 a month to compete with Zillow’s $10 a month websites. Now, if you’re a Realtor, you can get a FREE website from Placester. The news came out a week ago, so it’s not really news anymore. Greg beat me to saying this. Websites really are a race to the bottom. There are three categories of websites: Template (less than $100, or free) Semi-custom (between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars) Full … Read More »

Homelight, Placester + RealSatisfied

by Drew Meyers on 8:24 am April 19, 2016

A couple pieces of news related to real estate startups… Placester acquired Realsatisfied. The Placester move makes sense given they grew their reach by 150,000 agents in one day. The combined team is a more formidable foe to Zillow than they were as separate companies. Congrats to both teams. [Update: a blog post from the CEO of Realsatisfied] Homelight has raised another $11 in a Series A. I don’t hear much about Homelight these days, but I have to assume they are getting some level of … Read More »

The Placester Play is…Marketing Plays

by Drew Meyers on 8:16 am June 16, 2015

As I’ve said before, selling $10 agent websites isn’t a business that’s going to make much money, and certainly  not generate a 10x return for investors. I just took a look at Placester’s site again (after reading Greg’s post), and saw the “marketing solutions” section highlighting Marketing Plays: Paid lead/traffic acquisition; a fairly proven way to make money. Seems Placester is simply the next iteration of Market Leader with modern technology? With Market Leader up for sale, makes sense they would go after their clients now.

Placester and $5 Websites: Seth Price Responds To Your Questions

by Sam DeBord on 10:23 am December 5, 2014

Seth Price - Placester

We’ve had a lot of discussion in the GeekEstate community about Placester’s recent deal with NAR to provide IDX-fed websites to Realtors for $5/mo. I asked Seth Price, VP of Marketing at Placester, to answer a few of your questions.  We speak fairly frankly on this blog, so I tried to get to the meat of the critics’ concerns as quickly as possible. $5/mo websites are attractive to agents, but many wonder if prices will go up later, advertising will be added, etc. There seems … Read More »

Ownership, and The Death of IDX?

by Drew Meyers on 5:54 am November 27, 2014

I’m not going to write an essay, but I wanted to briefly follow up to Joel’s post, and Matthew’s response about the future of IDX. From Matthew: Agents need to own their success online, not rent it. To do that, they’ll need mobile technology that’s widely available, affordable and easy to build. In short, they’ll need commoditization — and IDX provides a model for how that can happen. I agree — in a perfect world, everyone would own their success online. In all major aspects of life, owning … Read More »

Placester, and $10 Websites

by Drew Meyers on 5:12 pm November 4, 2014

Placester took a shot at Zillow by slashing their agent website prices [Via Realuoso]. From their CEO Matt Barba… If having a great website is a given, then affording a great website should be too. We strongly believe this is what it should cost to build and run a quality real estate website. I know what it takes to build and run a quality website (having worked at Virtual Results from 2010-2011) — and it’s a heck of a lot more than $10/month. Anyone charging … Read More »

Links for Geeks – April 24

by Drew Meyers on 11:50 am April 24, 2014

Here’s a few recent items worth noting… Placester closed $5.5 million, and signed the Hearst Group Doorsteps released Doorsteps Swipe Benn and Lani launched Realuoso There are 8 new startups in Nar’s REeach accelerator (if you are a founder of one of them, see this)

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