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Tag Archives: product design

Lessons from Inman “Hack the App”

by Ed Tee on 9:30 am August 16, 2017

I was privileged to take part in the “Hack the App” session during the Inman Connect event last week.   It gave me some insights into alternative ways of building products for the real estate sector and particularly the role open source could play in that. The session was not like a traditional hackathon where teams compete to create a product from scratch. Rather, an idea had been conceived beforehand and some thought had already gone into how it should work. This was a great way … Read More »

Behind the Scenes of Designing and Developing a Home Page

by Drew Meyers on 9:45 am May 15, 2017

Here’s the home page of 360modern… How does a finished home page come to fruition? Brand, Value Proposition, and User Goals I don’t want to discuss value proposition & brand (which I touched on here & here) in depth in this article. That said, prior to “getting started” building product, you’d certainly be extremely foolish to not have an extensive discussion among all stake holders — customers, clients, enthusiasts, etc. User goals (which could be a post by itself) need to be outlined so you know exactly WHO you’re … Read More »

The Real Key to Great Product: Empathy

by Drew Meyers on 10:00 am April 19, 2017

I read Why the best product managers don’t build the features their users ask for the other day, as a result of seeing a Re-Tweet by Greg Fischer of this tweet. Building product is what I do and, hence, something I think about constantly. The part that hit home for me: …the fundamental responsibility of a product manager is not to be the company’s leading expert on the product but to be the company’s leading expert on the customer At a fundamental level, product management deals … Read More »

Opportunities Realized from 20 Calls

by Drew Meyers on 8:45 am January 27, 2014

I’ve now taken 20 calls on (my profile here). There are two distinct types of people that schedule calls: Entrepreneurs in various stages of bringing an idea to light, desiring either technical help & direction or general advice around how to navigate the industry (& how to get MLS data). Agents / Brokers in need of tech recommendations, blogging & lead generation advice, and website feedback As a result of the 20 calls, I’ve realized there are 3 needs worth spending a little more time … Read More »

Turning Real Estate App Ideas into Reality

by Drew Meyers on 7:04 pm January 24, 2014

There are dozens of app ideas floating around this industry (I wrote a few of mine here). Some of them terrible; others amazing. As you likely know, building apps is not cheap. Which begs the question, how do you know if an idea is worth investing the money and development resources needed to turn it into reality? Simple. Validate, and prove, the concept with customers. How do you do that? Put a concept wireframe in front of them, make them click through, and figure out … Read More »

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